2v2: SCTA Heritage Tournament 2


The first place team will receive 60 dollars
ARM Faction Face Avatar TheArmCommander.png
CORE Commander Face Avatar

2nd Place Team will receive 40 Dollars and a Factional Face Avatar

3rd Place Team will receive 20 Dollars and a Factional Logo Avatar


This is some SCTA Gameplay casted by Jagged, on January 3rd.

On 16th Noon EST or 5PM UTC, the next SCTA Heritage Tournament will be hosted.

It will be 8 teams, and double elimination, with the following map pool:
Full Share
2 Players a Team
Best of 3
Highest Rated Player in 1v1 Ladder on Team plays TA (if difference more than 300)
Nomads is a legal option this time
No Rating Limitation
SCTAFix + SCTABalance are required mods

During a round the same map will be played to help reduce variances between each game except for round 1.

The intended desire for this: enabling players learning the TA Factions and the map to adapt how they TA'd between games. As a result to help tackle the balancing issues without the variances between games to help better pinpoint any individual issues at hand.

20 by 20: Map Generator
Full Random, Competitive, Map Generated Each Time
-Highest Ranked Player Generates)

Victors Bracket:
Turtle Rock

Defeated Bracket:
Adaptive Acid Abysmal Lakes

Victors Final:
Point of Reach

Defeated SemiFinal:
Twin Rivers

Interview with Victors Finals

Defeated Finals
TAG_Craftimus Maximus FAF Versions

Winners of Defeated Finals vs Winners of Victors Finals
SCTA Seton's*

Loser of Defeated Finals vs Losers of Victors Final
Cold Place

If 7 or less teams sign up, then the game be a Bo1 round robin. With following maps:

Rounds = Number of Teams
R1: MapGen 20by20 Full Random
R2: Adaptive Abysmal Lake
R3: Point of Reach
R4: Turtle Rock
R5: Cold Place
R6: Twin Rivers
R7: TAG_Craftimus Maximus FAF Versions

Finals (2 highest scoring team from round robin)
Bo3 SCTA Seton's*

*SCTA Setons if not finished by this Sunday, instead Selkie Isle be used instead. SCTA Seton's replaces the center wrecks with Civilian Structures due to some specific SCTA Balancing concerns.


T1: Zlo and Resistance are signed up


So the tournament has sadly been postponed due to lack of interest a new date. I'll announce the new date within a couple weeks, until you can look forward to another SCTA Show Match Game. This time in addition to players playing TA v Supcom, we will have ArmoredFish and Ozone on stream talking about the mapmaking process. And as a preview from Balthazar, creator of Brewlan, have a preview of the new SCTA ARM Commander

SCTA Arm Commander - Imgur.png