Not able to select/build custom AA Turret in game

I have been working on this mod that replaces the UEF faction with my custom units. In the attached folder is what I have so far.

Everything is able to be selected and spawned in, except for my T2 AA Gun. I copied a regular Flak gun and swapped the weapon details in the .bp and script to use the Aeon T1 Land Scout gun.

That works fine on the other units I have applied it to, but I do not know if I did something wrong when using it on this particular unit, or if something is up with the model I made, or if there is just some mundane syntax thing I am missing.

Unit in question is under Units>Base>GEB0203

There is indeed a syntax error, maybe you should considering getting text editor that can highlight it alt text

Also if you open the game log (F9 by default I think) it will show you errors.

@speed2 -- Thank you! This usually tends to be my issue. Do you have any recommendations? I only use Notepad ++ right now.

That should do just fine, I use Sublime editor.
Anyway keep the game log open and it will tell you where you have errors