FAF Donator Avatars

We've decided to update the reward avatars for FAF donators as the design hasn't been touched for like, over half a decade at this point. I also never really was a fan of the cookie avatar and wanted to get something more tied to the game as a reward for people that help keep the ship running.

We're going to have two separate avatars for the main sources of revenue for FAF: Tournament and Patreon donations. Thanks to Swkoll for creating the designs for me!

Patreon Donator:
patreon donator.png

Tournament Donator:
tourney donator.png

In order to claim the Patreon Donator reward, PM me (FtXCommando) on FAF/Forums/Discord with your Patreon information so I can verify you.

In order to claim the Tournament Donator avatar, you must donate a minimum of $20 to any sort of official tournament hosted on FAF. To claim the reward, simply PM me and inform me of the tournament that you put funds into.

I'll be willing to give out the avatar to people that donated funds to a tournament in 2020 and beyond.

Hopefully as time goes on we'll be able to add additional incentives to larger donators, but consider this as a first perk among a potential many.