Double Allied Tournament 2

Double Allied Tournament 2 is a 2v2 tournament scheduled for 7th July. This is the second time we're making this tourney.

Group staage
Round robin stage

Prizes (105 130 150$ by Neytron):

  • 80$ for first place & custom avatar
  • 30$ for second place & custom avatar
  • 20$ for third place & custom avatar
  • 10$* for 4th place & custom avatar
  • 10$* for 5th place
  • 30th June 13:00 UTC - first half
  • 7th July 13:00 - second half
    • *10$ are given depending on number of teams who will play second half. Last 2 places won't get prizes. I.e. if 7 players will finish playing second half there will be additional two 10$ prizes for 4&5th place, if 6 players - one 10$ for 4th place. There additional prizes are added as a compensation for inconvenience of prolonging tournament for another day.

Tournament Format:

  • Games are played between teams of 2
  • Stage 1. Double elimination
  • Stage 2. Round robin if 5-7 teams remained, double round robin if 4 or less remained.
  • Combined rating cap for each team is 4000 (400 more than previously). Rating calculated based on best section as of 9th June. I.e. if you're 1766 global and 1912 1v1, your rating for this tournament is seen as 1912.
  • In-client channels are #dats2faf for players & #dats2stream for streamers


  • Sign up here in pairs or single. Write your FAF nickname here. Registration will end on 29th June 23:59 UTC.

Tournament rules:

  • In case of uneven number of teams, previous winner team or top ranked team gets free win.
  • In case of early withdrawal all following games of team automatically lost
  • If early withdrawal in stage 1 creates uneven number of teams, top ranked team with no free wins gets a free win
  • Early withdrawal in stage 2 makes all played and not played games of this team lost
  • Equal score for 1-4 places leads to Bo2 tie breaks. If there is chain of tie breaks, Bo1 played instead.
  • Any conflict or critical bug should be immediately appealed to the organizer

About draws:

  • Draw is death of all commanders or signed through diplomacy.
  • If draw occurred in stage 1, game should be replayed until achieving the decisive result.
  • If draw occurred in stage 2, both teams receive half a point.

In-game rules:

  • Common control - multiple armies, union control
  • Share conditions - partial share
  • Unlimited timeouts
  • Do not transfer your entire base or entire army before your commander dies. Transfering some units is allowed; exchanging bases is also allowed
  • Do not Alt+F2 to change view after your death and before your base is given to an ally
  • No in-game spectators other than players, organizers and streamers are allowed
  • It is recommended to include "dats2" in lobby name to help keep track of games. For example, "dats2 ABC vs XYZ"
  • It is recommended to not choose similar colors as your opponent (pink/red, light blue/dark blue); similar colors for allies are OK. Here is the tutorial


Short description of union control:

If one of commanders dies, the player can switch via Alt+F2 to his ally and continue to help his ally. Alt+F2 won't allow do anything besides it (won't allow giving yourself Paragon or Mavor). So if one of teamates dies, both player will control all the units they have. For example, one can play land and other play air to divide responsibilities.

It essentially eliminates APM penalty for a commander's death. In order to compensate it, full share is changed to partial share. Partial share works as full share except it doesn't share military units, only buildings and engineers.

Stream coverage:
Russian based:
@Robogear -
English based:
@TheWeakie aka Farmsletje -


  • PM me for any questions or suggestions in Discord @sainse.row. This includes organizational, stream coverage questions & prize contribution suggestions.
  • @Neytron is my deputy (co-organizer). His answers & decisions have the same authority

Map rules:

  • Each team can veto up to 3 maps
  • Veto will work during all the duration of tournament, i.e. you've banned 3 maps once and won't ever played them
  • Vetoed maps must be sent in Discord PM @sainse.row at least 3 hours before the start of the tournament
  • Maps will be shuffled between rounds to avoid tournament coverage viewers to the see same map 4 times in a row
  • Additional coordination will be provided via in-client channel during the tournament to avoid misunderstanding

Map pool. Every slot that isn't explicitly mentioned below is closed. Again: if slot is neither 'playable' nor 'spawn mex', then it is closed:

  • Adaptive Crateria. Playable slots: 3,4,5,6. Slots 7,8,9,10: spawn mex
  • Crash Site. Playable slots: 1,2,5,6
  • Daroza's Sanctuary
  • DualGap Adaptive. Playable slots: 3,4,5,6. Slots 1,2,7,8: spawn mex.
  • Abrogation. Playable slots: 1,2,3,4
  • Verdanis. Playable slots: 1,4,6,7
  • Abandoned Desertland. Playable slots: 13,14,15,16
  • Project Tabula. Playable slots: 1,2,5,6
  • Adaptive Mars Mangala Fossa. Playable slots: 5,6,9,10. Slots 1,2,11,12: spawn mex
  • Phenom Spartiate v2. Playable slots: 3,4,5,6
  • Adaptive Monument Valley. Playable slots: 7,8,9,10. Slots 1,2,3,4: spawn mex
  • Adaptive sandy valley. Playable slots: 9,10,11,12. Slots 3,4,7,8: spawn mex
  • Huracan. Playable slots: 1,2,3,4
  • Adaptive step forward. Playable slots: 1,2,5,6. Slots 7,8,9,10: spawn mexes.
  • The Bermuda Locket - FAF version. Playable slots: 1,2,7,8
  • Sands of Ablicka 5v5. Playable slots: 1,2,4,9
  • Project Mesa HD. Playable slots: 1,2,5,6
  • Lush NA. Playable slots: 1,2,5,6
  • Hrungdaks Canyon. Playable slots: 3,4,5,6
  • Nomadiah. Playable slots: 1,2,3,4
  • Mystic Land

Current teams list (in progress. 20 total):

  • Rhaelya & Judoka1972-Noob (2058+1942=4000)
  • ZLO & OCA (2225+1775=4000)
  • BlInChIk & Neytron (1911+2053=3964)
  • Wifi_ & Toka (2361+1558=3919)
  • TheVVheelie aka hybrid_ & Deli (1994+1918=3912)
  • Сhisato aka Yudi & attakator (2430+1452=3882)
  • InsidiousNoob aka Doni & Paradox_of_War (1984+1864=3848)
  • Pavor- & Nyx- (2452+1420=3872)
  • Lunyshko & Finisterre (2278+1562=3840)
  • WilloWisppsi & IMakeWarOnU (1950+1870=3820)
  • LimeZ3_ & White_Owl (2012+1641=3653)
  • Karateka & vena202020 (1830+1781=3611)
  • Orb & Rort (2250+1350=3600)
  • Aranei & chicken_ryaba (1919+1655=3574)
  • Nuggets & Bloo_Dream (2279+1205=3484)
  • Starchasm_nyx & Lord_of_Ashes (1883+1425=3308)
  • Dmitry12 & Cunningfox (1826+1445=3271)
  • LexiconVII & TheSaddestPanda (1513+1392=2905)
  • Wedgedmouse05 & sootiesteagle78 (636+493=1129)
  • vgvg177 & Mishanya00 (560+502=1062)

Vacant players:

  • YobaMarine (1622)
  • LoliChan (1459)

Vetoed maps:
- DualGap, Daroza & Desertland (by Orb&Rort)
- DualGap (by Starchasm&Ashes)
- DualGap, Daroza & Bermuda (by Rhaelya&Judoka)
- DualGap (by Banani&Finisterre)
- Step forward, Bermuda, Crash site (by Pavor&Nyx)
- Tabula, abrogation, mystic land (by Dmitry12&Cunningfox)
- Bermuda, crateria, mesa (by Yudi&attakator)
- Daroza, crateria, sands of ablicka (by Karateka&vena)

Several notes on challonge table

  1. Some players are likely to get bye (free win) due to opponent team not showing up, withdrawing, insufficient number of teams in group, etc. Priority of byes as follows: winners of previous tournament, if all previous winners all have 1 bye then by rating.
  2. There will be 3 rounds in stage 1 with a possibility of 4 round. As stated initially, stage 1 will be played until 7 or less teams remained.
  3. If after 3 rounds there will be more than 7 teams, then teams that got bye will play additional round. That way they'll have to play equal amount of real games as everyone else.
  4. If after that number of teams will still be more than 7, everyone else also plays 4 round. After that number of teams will 100% be less than 7.
  5. Vacant players are keeped in reserve. If one of teamates won't show up, but second one still wants to play, he can choose any vacant player (as long as it's still within rating cap).

Yoooo the return of ftx and auto

Sign up karateka 1900 + vena202020 1800

“I object to intellect without discipline; I object to power without constructive purpose.” — Spock 🖖

Is player's rating based on highest of all game modes or only global and ladder?

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”
— Steve Jobs.
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@ctrl-k of all, ladder global 3v3 2v2 4v4 whichever one you have is the biggest one we take into account

So it takes into account my 3v3 rating which is incredibly high because noone plays and i havent touched in ages?

@nuggets If rating is completely outdated (>6-12 months) maybe it will be an exception. As for you, you've played 11 games in April (out of 55 total), which isn't too old.

@sainserow said in Double Allied Tournament 2:

@nuggets If rating is completely outdated (>6-12 months) maybe it will be an exception. As for you, you've played 11 games in April, which isn't too old.

i wonder how the games went
Screenshot 2024-06-18 174005.png
But i get what you are saying

Same problem, but I'll sign up. 2100 looking for 1900 😛

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”
— Steve Jobs.
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Im 1200 looking to play. Will practice lots if someone picks me 😄
have mic and discord too

@ctrl-k play with me?

sign me (2464) and nyx (1400) up.

@sainserow said in Double Allied Tournament 2:

  • 60$ for first place & custom avatar
  • 30$ for second place & custom avatar
  • 15$ for third place & custom avatar
  • Custom avatar for 4th place2f41f1a0-f931-47f0-b1c5-7d9c800a95a7-image.png

Custom avatars list added.

Sign up Me LimeZ3_ (1900) + NaSimka (1900)

Make t3 mex, not war

Joining. Starchasm_nyx _ (highest is 1900 3v3 1700 everything ells) + Lord_of_Ashes (highest 1500 global and 3v3 1500 1v1 2v2 4v4 is 1000).

Tmm ratings should not be included since they are all inflated

@thewreck I don't think they are inflated. They're just not calibrated sometimes. And it applies to global as well. Nuggets fell from 2300 global to 2000 while keeping 2200-2300 in TMM since he doesn't play there much cannot find a game. Meanwhile Orb mainly plays TMM and have higher rating there (meaning he is underrated globally).

These cases are the exact opposites of each other. It's impossible to solve this issue in a perfect way (especially since TMM rating can reflect 2v2 skill more than global with those 5v5 7v7 lobbies). Because of this I've made rating cap 400 points higher for each team this time. That's enough room to adress overrate in one of the sections.

I am overrate

The embodiment of depression...