Desync at the start of the game

Right after starting the game, my friend causes a desync in a whole lobby. it happens every second game strangely, the second half being played without said issue, and we cannot find why. We reinstalled FA and FAF, but the issue persists. I attached log files, ice-adapter.log and game_22714335.log and you can see this happening in replays, for example: If anyone could tell the reason for desyncs and how to fix them? I would gladly give more info if needed. Thanks!

Immediate desyncs, as soon as the game has started, are usually an indication of a map related issue.

@pipidon1337 Is the attached game_22714335.log file yours or your friend's? If it's yours, please also attach the same file from your friend so they can be compared.

Since this is a vanilla SCFA map, which version of vanilla SCFA do they have; Steam, GOG, CD/DVD?

In the case of Steam or GOG, please have them verify the game files from the respective Steam or GOG programs.

We both have Steam version. The logs I gave are RazorRunner's - the person having issues. I am attaching the same game log file from my side: game_22714335.log

It cannot be a map issue as it happens on all maps as long as RazerRunner is a player. He is doing a steam verifications right now. I will write back on the result.

We haven't experienced any desyncs in 3 games now. BTW, can screen resolution and UI scale cause problems in-game? Because other that desyncs, sometimes his screen just goes black and whole PC reboots. That is a different matter though 🙂 we speculate it is because he has 4k screen. as if he lowers the resolution, game works fine.

Desyncs are almost always caused by different source files. This can be from:

  • Maps (when people tweak their local maps)
  • Game files (can happen when a release just occured)
  • Mod files (when people tweak their local mods)

UI related changes can not cause a desync.

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Thanks for heads up! I will be sure to report with as much info as I can if we pin down the problem.