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So I play offline and usually modded and if I play long enough it freezes to the point I have to task manager close it and then gives me an exit code 1 error. Other than modding the game and it is limited to only 2 GB of memory any other reason why it would lag out and freeze? I'm attaching the log for others to look over and critique but honestly, I don't know how to read it. I would appreciate someone to teach me and to BS with about this game. been playing it since its launch back in 2006? love the game and can't find anything else to scratch the itch. welp as the title say just gee wiz stuff and looking to bs and reminisce about this game.


@oblivion666 3 potential issues:

  1. I would suggest that you start a game from the client with the Game Type set to FAF in the Create Games screen so that you're playing your offline game with the current stable release of the FAF game files instead of the FAF Develop game files.
  2. You should disable if not just delete the mod Hyper Experimental Tier as it's throwing a tremendous amount of warnings into the log for texture issues which in of itself could cause the crash.
  3. I see the message info: Minimized true just before the crash. All versions of SCFA hates Alt+Tab or other things that take focus away while playing in full screen, so if you're going to do that, then it's highly recommended that you play in Windowed. There are programs like Borderless Gaming or scripts like one of the ones in this FAF forum thread to make the window fit the entire screen so it appears that you're playing in full screen even though you're not.

Thanks, I just finished a game with no mods offline the steam launch hardly works which is why I downloaded faf in the first place. in-game time said 2 hours and 10min... I started that game around 6 pm it's now almost 2:30 am so now my question is how do I fix the lag? I was beginning to think the hyper-experimental mod was outdated and messing with stuff. Thanks for the links since I'm usually playing at work I do need to alt-tab out but before it used to straight crash it didn't with the most recent version of faf so I figured it was fixed. usually, the lag and freeze were when hitting around 1k units with the mai28 but after just playing the vanilla match I'm gonna say the lag is mainly due to age unless there is a mod or patch I'm unaware to fix the lag issues,

If you're interested in a better experience for (very) long games that include a vast diversity of mods than I can encourage you to try out the LOUD project. It's much better suited for that.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

I remember why i didnt use loud it a) doesnt work with mods endless loading when starting a match with any mod B) freezes and crashed about an hour into the match but stays up front of everything else but its not open in task manager and end up having to restart to clear it. perhaps something else wrong on my end? @Jip did you mean the stand alone launcher or the loud files in the mod vault? i was using the launcher.

@oblivion666 LOUD comes with curated versions of these mods already included:

  • 4th Dimension
  • BlackOPS ACUs
  • BlackOPS Unleashed
  • BrewLAN (& a lot of the sub-mods)
  • Total Mayhem
  • Wyvern Battle Pack

While these included mods don't contain everything from the standalone versions, they're edited to all coexist together while providing the most balanced & non-overlapping/duplicate experience. Since these mods are already included with LOUD, trying to also use the standalone versions may & often do cause issues.

If you have any questions, I'd highly encourage you to join the LOUD Discord (link in the LOUD Updater) to discuss your situation.

Thanks but those were even causing the endless loop, just played another game almost two hours and then crash though there was a razer error this time so back to trying to duplicate.

personally i prefer faf to loud

@oblivion666 As I said, if you join the LOUD Discord & state what's going on along with the loud.log file (LOUD Updater > Help > View Game Log Folder > loud.log), then we can help you diagnose what's going wrong & hopefully help you fix it.