FAF Client Weirdness

Redownloaded my Steam FA (to drive E) and played around with it earlier today without issue. Figured I'd next install the FAF client, so at least I could see what's new before attempting to mod something. Though the install would be pretty strait forward, but apparently this was wishful thinking.

During FAF Client install, what I noticed right off is that my file system looked like this:FAF Weirdness.png

Notice the Chinese characters to the left side of the image. Big hint, I'm not bloody Chinese so this shouldn't happen unless something in the FAF Client is using some Chinese based script. (@Dev's Something to think about security wise)

Beyond this, the FAF is unable to accept and run the SupremeCommander.exe (E:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\bin) despite me pointing to this directory after install. Problem here is that it shows what the error is (quite nice) but doesn't allow the user to change the target destination without first re-installing the FAF client. (PITA) Please keep in mind that I set my steam account profile to public but that did diddly squat.

Needless to say I'm still at this point and have run out of time for today to mess with this further. (Kids are home😞 ) Any kind souls have a few suggestions on how to get around this issue without having to 1st sacrifice a small child?



@resin_smoker When you're able, please go to FAF Client > top left menu > Settings, then take screen shots of these fields & post them here:

  • Forged Alliance Forever > Game Location
  • Data and Caches > Data Location

Also, please confirm if that when you go through the process to link your FAF account with your Steam account to verify ownership of SCFA, that you see a Flash Message stating that you've successfully linked your account to Steam. If you see a red message that the Steam account is linked with another FAF account, then you need to login to that FAF account. If you don't remember the login credentials for that FAF account, then you can use the Reset via Steam option on the Password Reset page to get back into the FAF account that's already linked to Steam.

@mostlostnoob Client Screenshot.png

FAF Client is in the default location.

Data is C:\ProgramData\FAForever

SC FA is on (E:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance)

Be aware that other than the initial setup menu, i don't see any other options or menus. Just this: FAF Menu.png

Success Your steam account has successfully been linked.

Ok was able to bypass the local login by using the browser login.

Success! Though 4DC drops a ton of errors when paired with FAF, but that was to be expected from a 10 year old mod.

Question: Once my account has been verified, is there any reason to keep my profile public ?

@resin_smoker Nope, you can set it back to private.

Wait so what explains the Chinese text? Just curious.

Is their a way to change the offline mode to online mode or does that not help?