Better Intel v0.6 (2011)

See attacked Zip.

If you haven't already guessed, this mod is not going to be compatible with the current iteration of FAF. My posting here is for those that wanted to know how it was done, and thus have my permission to use what's posted here as they see fit without my support.



Could you help me understand what this mod did exactly?

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

The Sonar pulses outwards from the sub / ship but has a down period between pulses. Radar, rotates around the transmitter, rather than showing the entire area. Thus both systems have to refresh and sweep to stay up to date. This way, "intel" isn't all seeing all knowing. Thus there can be gaps in coverage that can allow an enemy player to move stealthily.

This was a proof of concept system that never got added to 4DC. The Sonar works great but radar was so so... could be better IMO but just never had the motivation to do so.

Here is an early example of it:

Please keep in mind that what's shown here was set up to be visible so i could see the intel helpers attached to the unit. In this case the intel was both visual and radar that had a defined field of view and distance from the unit. Just like with real aircraft, the "active" visual and radar is pretty much a cone directly Infront of the unit.

The fix FAF intel desperately needs