Allow AI to use specific units, disable same units for players.

I posted this elsewhere, but is this possible? The goal is to allow an AI of a select faction to use new units from another mod, while disabling the players from using those same units. Is this possible?

if that mod has those units in build platoons, then the AI will build them.
You would need a script, either in a map script, or as a mod, where you can choose which players can or cannot build stuff, deciding by many factors - which army it is, is it an ally or an enemy, is it human...
You could disable it just fpr all human type players, or also for AIs allied to humans as well.

My map has a "detect active mod" part, where if a mod is (not) present, it does different stuff. So you could make it for several different mods, if they are present then set build conditions...Take a look at DDDX RPG survival script.lua file

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Look in the unit blueprints for "Selectable". Removing that one term, prevents the player from mouse selecting that given unit. There are other BP terms that allow for specific factions, and from what it's built.

@dddx I like the idea of a mod simply disabling the units for the players. I don't want to tie it to a map, so it can be used on any map.

I'm absolutely new to any kind of modding. Is there anywhere you or anyone can point me to get started? I see a lot of old information, but I'm not sure how much applies.

@tankenabard unfortunately no. The best advice I can give you is to look at others code.
Get a couple of simple mods, the simpler the better, then see what it takes to get a simple mod going.
Then find a mod or map that disables certain units - that will show you how it's done.
Then all you need is to apply and tweak the code to your needs and wants <-- that's the part nobody can help you with 😕