Weird ion storm behavior

Been testing it in sandbox. If your CTRL+K your Ythota, and does small initial damage to your units, but then 0 damage if there are no enemy units within its range, if there are some enemy units, it damages them and your units until there are no enemy units, if you spawn it with ALT+F2, it damages everything.

Did something change? I remember it always damaging everything around.

You can also see it here:

I’d thought I recalled someone saying it was a balance change but I may be misremembering as I can’t see a response directly to a post I made on it a while ago (12 Feb for if it is a bug and an idea is wanted of when it was introduced - ie it wouldve been before then).

I couldn’t see a reference to the change from a search of the last 2 pages of patch notes so I’m hoping it’s a bug that will be fixed since I much preferred the old Ythotha storm behaviour (if the Ythotha is too weak I’d rather it was buffed in some other way to compensate)

Well, we can always add a toggle for the release of the storm

It got changed, that the ion storm does not damage allied units anymore