Get gun or die.

Does any one else feel like the gun upgrade is op, as in the cost isnt high enough for the extra damage and range and overcharge range it gives the com.

and to be honest im a bit bored with the whole rush gun or die meta, is anybody else the same or is it just me.

I think that just a range upgrade coupled with E storage would suffice as a good enough gun upgrade In my opinion it doesnt need double damage too. or should be more expensive as i see many players getting gun within 6-7 minute now.

I didn't realize this for a long time but this meta you mentioned turns out to be specific to certain maps and player counts for team games and if you hate it, I think there's a chance you can avoid it by playing bigger maps with fewer players.

To answer your question, I do get tired of it occasionally but I don't consider it a balance problem across the board. Instead, when I do, I look for a game where I can play navy, or air, or even a 3v3 15x15 land map, where I can skip gun without feeling crippled by this choice.

If I may suggest another alternative for you: try t2 + tml com. It's more expensive but it's way more dangerous in a straight-up com fight I think.

Yes, the ACU is still insanely strong.

But it mostly comes down to what you're talking about. E.g. in 1v1, going for a quick gun on smaller t1 spam maps is usually a mistake. In large teamgames however as you're usually facing multiple ACUs you'll have a much harder time reaching something with T1 spam. So when ranting about the gun upgrade, please be a bit more precise about the scenario. Cuz in general, I disagree due to mentioned 1v1 scenario.

I also don't completely agree with the "go gun or die" thing, cuz that's what I personally don't do in lower / mid ranked lobbies. People there overestimate the gun upgrade simply, because their eco'ing is not efficient enough yet to opt for a fast t2 upgrade, so while they go gun, I can mostly relax and defend with T2 PDs. Not saying this always works, but most of the time.


Yes gun upgrade is OP on any map where acu usage is relevant, apart from 5km 1v1 i guess. Even there it'll be oppressive once you get it, it's just harder to get

Best thing you can do is change the maps you play on, more specifically go for larger maps