Connection issues: Login, Game not starting

Hi everybody,

I have been having connection problems of increasing severity. It started back in Fall 2023 (so I was always assuming it has been due to ddos attacks) but I am not sure anymore. If you could give me some speculation as to the source of the problems or maybe even a fix, that would be much appreciated, otherwise I will have to pause FAF. Here is a description of my troubles

  1. Login only possible via webinterface. Faf client only shows the “Login with Browser” option.
  2. Often (8/10), upon completing the login / authorize sequence in the Webinterface login does not happen and exits with an error message as below
  3. Recently (starting maybe January), when I can login and I can find a match together with my group of friends, maybe half of the time the game doesn’t actually start for me. The faf client shows “Match launching” but the exe is not called and the Interface showing “x/8 players connected” does not show up.
    Maybe some interesting side info. I am playing in Switzerland. Another friend from swiitzerland does not seem to have the same issues. Some of my colleagues are from Germany, they also don’t experience this situation. However, when I was in Germany over Christmas, everything was working fine with no issues at all. Have been playing FAF for maybe 4 years with the same setup now.

If you have any ideas as to the source of these troubles, I would be very happy to hear as I am at the end of my wits and frustration tolerance is exceeded!

Error message login error_message_faf.txt

Your log has No such host is known ( which means either security software is blocking connection or something is wrong with your dns. This also explains the login being spotty and the button not doing anything sometimes.

Dear Sheikah, thanks a lot for the reply. I just checked the typical firewall settings but did not find a rule blocking anything from faf. Do I interpret you correctly, that you suggest it might be some routerside problem and maybe a re-setup of the router might help?

@spacewhales You may not see anything stating that it's blocking FAF specifically, but it may still be doing so. What is recommended is to add an exclusion/exception to the firewall for the FAF Client to allow it through.

As for the router, that could very well be a source of issues if it's not allowing you to get proper DNS records, so you might want to consider looking into resetting the router/gateway.