Remove tiny plain maps from map pool 1vs1


I hate that type of maps, the winner is the player who rush more tanks or be more dirty with scouts in min 2.
Usually you never get tier 2, and no strategy is involved (at least not the fun strategy). Moreover, if you are low ratting, you are forced to play this maps because that's how the map pool works.

Please add bigger map or map with at least a river or something to the low ratting map pool.

Yours sincerely, a Setton/Astro crater player, that tried 1v1 queue

You get bigger maps the higher is your rating. Smaller maps are good for 1v1, because you don't have to play 1-hour games each time. And you almost always get to T2 on these maps, you need more lower-tier skill for 1v1


Seems I suck rushing t1 tanks, too much anxiety in these really open maps 😕

I know what you mean. However, small maps help learning the basic build orders and concepts, which then make you better at larger maps.

There was a time when 20x20 maps were in the pool also for fairly low-rated players. At first it seemed nice because you had time to build up. Then after 8 minutes you would get swarmed and realize you actually never had a chance in the first place because of your poor eco game. The larger map just made you feel safer longer because you couldn't see how far you were behind.

@treos said in Remove tiny plain maps from map pool 1vs1:

The larger map just made you feel safer longer because you couldn't see how far you were behind.

That's actually the best description of my situation back when I was playing 1v1 on large maps with my poor rating. Especially on navy maps.

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@treos I think I just suck at micro, can't repel the enemy scouts killing my eng while managing the base, the battle of 3 tanks near a mex and follow the 1 t1 bomber with my interceptors all at the same time.

Too much anxiety, if the map at least have 2-3 bottleneck or paths that you can control to avoid enemies entering in your zone will be better for me. I always end following the 3 enemy t1 tanks that are killing my eco while fleeing

First the bad news: compared to Astro/Dual Gap, 1v1 ladder will always require you to pay attention to more things at once, including micro. (Conversely, if you go from 1v1 ladder to Astro, it feels like playing soccer in a tight hallway.)

The good news: mastering the basics of the game can shut down these kinds of micro battles. Let me explain: I sometimes lose 1v1 games for the reasons you describe - unable to defend against getting stung in ten places at once. In those games, it feels my micro is inadequate, but here is what actually happens: I messed up my first two minutes (long power stall, or not enough factories, or slow to capture mexes). Now my opponent has 1. ten tanks more than me and can attack everywhere, and 2. I never got to push my opponent, so he can peacefully expand and focus his attention on attacking me. So: you’ll be surprised how much less micro you need once your macro is 25% better.

Now, if you still find the 1v1 experience too intense, try team matchmaker (TMM). Often the micro is a lot easier since you have only one or two lanes to fight in. I actually find the TMM macro much more demanding because, to play well, I feel I have to check what everyone else is doing and whether I should push my opponent or help allies defend instead. But I think most TMM players just do their thing and find it easier than 1v1.

If I was you, I’d just submit one of your 1v1 games to the FAF Discord channel “replays” and ask what two things you could do better. Lots of great players will give you clear, simple advice that will get you a long way.

Just send labs or tanks with your engineers. it will slow your expansion but if your opponent rushed labs to snipe your engies and they don't pay off they're not ahead anyways

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u