Help for a returning player (mex UI mod)

Hi all, I haven't played FA for many years but I'm excited to be back! I've got the FAF client working but there is one mod I used to have that doesn't seem to be included in the standard FAF suite.

It showed me icons on the top left of all my mexes and their tech level and I used it to help with mex upgrading. I know there were a few different mods that did this so I'm not sure what to search for (also I don't know what would be compatible with FAF or not).

Please can somebody point me in the right direction?

The mod you are looking for sounds like UI Party
This writeup of usefull UI mods by keyser might also be helpful.

@Amygdala Thank you.

@Amygdala Do I have to do something to activate the mods? This is what it looks like for me.

Screenshot of Vault

@Wainan Yes, you click on the mods you want to activate. Active mods will look different.