RCVII - AI Allies ~ 4v4 ~ $2,000

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Registration period ends in less than 48 hours, at
1200 UTC on Sunday Feb 11th.
The Team formation draft process starts 1 hour later at 1300 UTC.

Keep up on current tournament news, and
follow the draft on the Main FAF Discord channel here:

Info on M27AI and M28AI:
M27AI: https://forum.faforever.com/topic/2373/ai-development-guide-and-m27ai-v71-devlog
M28AI: https://forum.faforever.com/topic/5331/m28ai-devlog-v75

Since I can't guarantee I will be available when the tourney happens, put me into standby

Registration ends this time tomorrow
at 1200 UTC Sunday Feb 11.

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on either the FAF rainbow-cup-vii discord channel here:


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@veteranashe said in RCVII - AI Allies ~ 4v4 ~ $2,000:

Signing up Jip and I

I'll be signing out. Have fun for those that participate 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

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Make t3 mex, not war

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Registration ends in 4 hours.

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A terraria L

The Draft is now over and teams have been formed.

Here are the current Teams, and the Standby Pool of players:
RCVII Teams Final.jpg

Congratulations to All who were drafted.
For those that did not get drafted, you
have been placed in the Standby Pool of players.

You will be able to substitute for ANY players who
do not show on any game day.

There are always, at least one or two players, who
are not able to make the opening game day due to emergencies, so
be available at 1500 UTC on Feb 24th, to
possibly substitute if needed.
Good Luck !
THANK YOU - for signing up and participating.

Team Names

For any teams that would like to use a team name, versus
using the Captain's name...
Please submitt your team name here or on the rc-vii-tournament Discord channel here:

Please limit Team name to 15 letters, or
less, to fit in the Challonge brackets.
Thank You.

Currently teams #3 and #7 have submitted names
RCVII Teams wNames.jpg

The Tournament brackets are now set.
Check out the Challonge brackets here:

RCVII BracketTeams.png

To see the full roster of the teams players..
Hover your mouse over the Teams bracket, and
the names of all the players will show, in
a pop up box underneath the Team name.

Tournament starts in 9 days.
I will begin posting a daily "Tip and/or Reminder" post,
that goes over the Tournament specific rules.

Todays Reminder:
Each best of 3 match, will have a different AI for each game.
ie. No Bo3 will have the same AI twice.
So.. the reminder is too..
Make sure to "ONLY" load the 1 game specific AI for the current game.
Loading 2 different AI mods in same game, may
cause the game to "bug" with conflicting coding, and
the game may also run slower.

Read the tournament rules here:

Here are the tournaments 4 AI mods that will be used:

Please also check you and the rest of your team have the latest version of the AI mods installed on each day of the tournament. In the case of M27AI and M28AI, while I do not expect any updates to M27AI (assuming no major bugs are discovered in the next week for it), M28AI will be receiving a small update ahead of the tournament start date (and might receive an update inbetween the first and second weekends).

If players have different versions of an AI mod when starting the game it will be highly likely to cause a desync, so don't just rely on the the client automatically downloading the latest version when joining a game.

Today's daily Reminder.

These are the 3 game options, used for every game.
Listed in the FAF forum Post #2, above - titled:
Post #2: Team Colors, Mods, Options, Directions and Rules here:

2 AI related News Bits:

AI-Uveso has been removed from the Tournament.
(AI-Uveso is still a very good AI for those that are
learning the game and need an AI to practice against)

The Tournament AI's will be the following 3 AI'sMods2.png

M28AI has been updated to Version-76.
This is "most likely" the last update before the Tournament.
Make sure Everyone has Version 76 to prevent game desynch's.
M27AI and RNGAI have not been updated in about a month, and
do Not expect to be updated either... but
check the Mod vault, to be sure you have the latest versions.

Here are the latest release notes from Maudlin27:

Todays Reminder:
Here is a sample game day map.
(this map will Not be in the tournament)
The game lobby host's duties are too -
setup the game lobby as shown in the game lobby/map.

Set the Options (Full Share, and AIx Omni = Off)
Place the AI's in their designated spawn positions, and
set the AIx cheat and build multipliers.

Close out any spawns shown in the setup.
In this example spawns 5+6 are closed to the players.
When available in Adaptive maps -
Close out the positions - but spawn mexes.
Any spawn positions not occupied by players are left open.

The game host must also communicate with the
opposing Captain, to set their AI's desired factions and color.

Some maps will have 'More' available spawns to choose from, than
the number of players and AI's.
Having teams be able to setup un-symmetrically from each other, is
one of the RC Tournament's unique, one of a kind game play and setup, that
allows for another added level of strategizing.

In the case of "extra" available spawns - and also for every setup..
there is a procedure to select the players spawn positions.

The below screen shot is the procedure that is used:
Screen shot is captured from Post #2 in the FAF Forum.
(Basically - all or the RC directions and rules are in Post #2)
Post #2: Team Colors, Mods, Options, Directions and Rules, Here:

Teams use this procedure to set up their players spawn sites:e5f7f161-eeef-4f1c-b924-ac96aed7e256-image.png

The purpose of the above setup instructions is to -
Prevent teams from infinitely jockeying for positions, and
continuously changing their setups.

Hope everyone is ready to play 48 hours from now.

Notice for Team players who will be hosting games:

Please help out the Tournament Directors by -
doing two things in the game lobby.

1-"x" the "hide default options "box" in the lobby.
---This is Very Important, as it enables the TD's and players in the game,
---to check the proper AIx cheat and build multipliers for each game.
-----With-out an "x" in this box the pertinent game options will not show in lobby.

2:- Hit the "Default Settings" button, so all default settings will be reset,
and only the game specific options will apply -
---Share conditions = Full Share
---AIx Omni Setting = Off
---AIx Cheat and Build multipliers = Set to specified multipliers.


NOC- will be joining some lobbies to help with game lobby scenario setup's.
Please give him your cooperation, so he is able to expedite the process,
help other team's game lobbies and then join his own teams lobby as well.

Thank you, and good luck