Getting a Tournament avatar

Recently, the tournament "The best team of the Seton's Clutch 2023 tournament" was held and my team took second place in it. Is it possible to get an avatar for second place now? Who should I contact for it?

the award can be presented by any of the moderators or the director of the tournament

I think it should be taken care of by the one who organized the tournament, why the rush?)

@robustness the owners of the avatar say that they are credited immediately after the tournament after the refaf, and we have not had them for the second day, it seemed suspicious to me

"Rewards: $400- Prize for winner of tournament"
That's it boss. Also, if you were hoping for "prince of setons" then it's like 99.9% not happening considering the rating restrictions and stuff.

Though I guess it should be possible for "faction commander avatar"s to be handed out to second place and "faction logo"s to 3rd one. But you should speak with @Syndicus about getting it done. Considering it was pretty much handled as unofficial tournament "outside of faf" but just hosted on the faf platform.

@endranii well thank you

There are some avatars coming

I just not had the time to go in and award them

I will do it when I get time just be patient

Ras Boi's save lives.

Как получить аватарку ноябрьский турнир на сетоне?

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