Nuke kicks a SACU off transport in a Gyle video

Ignore Gyle when he says it detonates, he is blind as always

Update: Easy to call Gyle blind, since he often is 😄

The SACU died from the nuke, while the transport survived. You can see the SACU explosion mid-air.
It just doesn't seem to have an animation for that so the mesh itself just drops until it hits the ground and disappears. It lands in a spot where there is already another SACU standing so you might think it just dropped from the transport, but that SACU was there even before the transport arrived.

500 HP of damage from nuke outer range and 1000 damage from sacu explosion, transport survives with 123 hp out of 1625.. seems like sacu did explode in transport and you can easy see that explosion on video

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@zlo just very confusing that the mesh just drops from the transport and lands in a spot, where another SACU is standing😆