New patch vs. sorian AI


I got the new patch this evening and started a game with Sorian AIs.
They all built factories and T1 units as usual, but they never sent them to the enemy. Just piled them up until they hit the limit.


This is a 5' screenshot, but this goes on and on, and they all behave the same.
I know Sorian AIs don't work well on some maps, but this is Seton's, so it should be fine.

Any ideas?

Hey, I saw the same issue today as well. What I noticed was that the performance also took a major hit. I believe that historically with the original game it had this issue because it would send commands to dead units. So I think that somehow an old AI was added in or something. But I don't really know.

I had a look and can see the problem.
It looks to be caused by pull request 3173. An invalid condition has been used called 'HaveLessThanUnitsInCategoryBeingUpgrade', this doesn't exist in the default faf codebase under UnitCountBuildConditions.lua.

It looks like it came from Uveso's custom UCBC conditions from his AI(given the german spelling).

Side note : I thought this was a balance only patch?

@Mavorike @Aeronth you could work around this problem by having Uveso's AI mod enabled when you start the games so that the missing condition is present in the merged codebase until its fixed in the main.

those changes sneaked in by mistake and weren't tested. I will do a hotfix to revert that. Thanks for the report.

Hi! First time poster here. Any news on this? I'm having a Sorian AI issue as well, and just wanted to check to see whether I should open a new thread, as I'm not sure whether this issue is related.

I just played two 6v6 matches (6 humans vs 6 Sorian AIX), and the AI did nothing but build tech 1 units (and did not upgrade any of its buildings beyond this). They definitely are attacking now, though (although on Seton's multiple AI piled up a bunch of tech 1 ships in the NE part of the North ocean rather than strike with them). The two maps were Seton's Clutch EP and Diversity EP.

Regardless, thanks for the work y'all do/have done!

It's the same issue indeed. The error in the patch is taking some time to revert but it should be fixed Soon TM.

In the meantime you can install uveso ai and swarm ai and try 6 humans vs 6 swarm AI.