What happend to the Orbital War Reborn mod?

What happened to the Orbital War Reborn mod? There were new cool models in this post, but there was no alpha for factions other than UEF.
Does anyone know what happened to this mod?
Is there somewhere at least a alpha version of this mod with other factions? I'm interested in the "Reborn" version, I know about the first version of the "Orbital Wars" mod with all the factions.

(Team) asdrubaelvect is vanished since years.
They have never updated the mod.

The last version of Orbital Wars (bugfixed) can be found here:

Thats all we have, sorry.

Very sad =(
I know the "Orbital Wars" mod, that's why I was looking for a sequel =).

There is an another Space related Mod in Development for the Game:


However it is Not an Successor of the Orbital Wars Mod but will have some similarities.
This is actually one of my own Mod Projects next to of the Commander Survival Kit Project.
Currently I Work on an New Version of the Commander Survival Kit and the Frist Version of the official Unit Pack of this Project. So I will continue to Work on FBP Orbital and on my own Research System, which is an Addon for the Commander Survival Kit soon. So you can expect some Future Updates in terms of Space Content.

Yes, yes, I follow your work and find it excellent! Thanks for your hard work!