infinity connect

i join to server for faf client and runs supreme commander i wait connect and infinity connect and all I can do is cancel the connection

Could be a few things:

Firewall - The firewall will block the connection for security reasons. Windows comes with a Firewall that might stop the connection. Normally, when you install most programs, it will create a firewall exception, that will allow the traffic through.

There is also the possibility, that your antivirus has a Firewall. Try conguring both.

Another possibility, is that if you share the internet, then someone has blocked a port somewhere in your network eg if you live in student accomodation. Some ISP routers come with advanced security features, that allow you to block ports to prevent users from using specific programs.

NAT (Network Address Translation) can also cause problems, though I think this is less likely. It might be that another user has configured all the FAF traffic to go to another address, that isnt yours. This is known as port forwarding.

Let me know how you get on.