AI Options/Default Settings


I have requested a change to the options/default AI settings to improve the AI performance.
1./ Change Amount of Land Expansions Limit - Increase needed.
2./ Change Amount of Naval Expansions Limit - reduction needed.

There have been claims that the AI has been improved in some of the latest patches.
Case 1./
I do not agree as the AI is not expanding correctly on land and is much weaker as a consequence.
When the AI can not expand the FA Markers can not be set to make the AI built more Plants and therefor builds less units. Also the AI has lost the ability to appear to have strategic intelligence.
Plz change the default Land Expansions to 8[temporally] or fix the bug in the code.
When 8 or 'unlimited' is selected it works as it should ... the AI expands to unused start positions and large and small expansion area markers... it could be argued that the AI is expanding too much, when set on unlimited, to have an efficient economy. This may prevent the AI teching up to T3 as quickly as is possible.

At present the Land Expansion Limit setting is broken for settings of 5[default] and 6. I did not test 7. On 8 the AI does 3 expansions - two spare start positions and one large expansion. I did not test 9. When set on unlimited the AI expands to build bases on spare start positions, large expansion area markers and small expansion area markers.

In case 2./ a different problem occurs. The AI builds too many expansions and that causes pathing problems and slows game speed.
I don't think there is anything wrong with the Naval Expansion Limit code, I would just like to turn it down to a default of 3 or 2 so the AI does not overbuild navy. When four AIs build two shipyards each at each Naval Area marker the T3 ships get stuck in the shipyards.

Please note that all tests games were played against multiple teamed AIx ... 3 or more.

Any thoughts?

The AI performance has degraded further since the last patch. Now the AI does not tech up leaving mex still at T1 after 30 mins.
We a told that help is on the way ...." I will do a hotfix to revert that. " keyser.
It seems that even though the AI is not upgrading properly it is now expanding and building on small expansion areas.

Hmm, just played a few games against the AI 5v5, 3 of the AI on the other team built large armies and airforce but all units just sat clogging up their own bases. AI was Alx: Sorian AI Adaptive.

Hope this is fixable soon thx

i fix that tonight

What more could you ask for!

Many thx

bad news, the CI (continuous integration) which is required to push a patch is taking a really long time. So I couldn't patch it tonight.

Ok, well the good news is it sounds like you have actually fix some issues with the AI and now it's just a CI issue.

Im assuming when sorted it will be as a Beta patch?

Thanks for keeping people informed appreciated.