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I request a change to the options/default AI settings to improve the AI performance.
1./ Change Amount of Land Expansions Limit - Increase needed.
2./ Change Amount of Naval Expansions Limit - reduction needed.

There have been claims that the AI has been improved in some of the latest patches.
Case 1./
I do not agree as the AI is not expanding correctly on land and is much weaker as a consequence.
When the AI can not expand the FA Markers can not be set to make the AI built more Plants and therefor builds less units. Also the AI has lost the ability to appear to have strategic intelligence.
Plz change the default Land Expansions to 8[temporally] or fix the bug in the code.
When 8 or 'unlimited' is selected it works as it should ... the AI expands to unused start positions and large and small expansion area markers... it could be argued that the AI is expanding too much, when set on unlimited, to have an efficient economy. This may prevent the AI teching up to T3 as quickly as is possible.

At present the Land Expansion Limit setting is broken for settings of 5[default] and 6. I did not test 7. On 8 the AI does 3 expansions - two spare start positions and one large expansion. I did not test 9. When set on infinite the AI expands to build bases on spare start positions, large expansion area markers and small expansion area markers.

In case 2./ a different problem occurs. The AI builds too many Naval expansions and that causes pathing problems and slows game speed.
I don't think there is anything wrong with the Naval Expansion Limit code, I would just like to turn it down to a default of 3 or 2 so the AI does not overbuild navy. At present when four AIs build two/three shipyards at each Naval Area marker the T3 ships get stuck in the maze of shipyards.

Please note that all tests games were played against multiple teamed AIx ... 3 or more.


Which specific AI are you talking about here AwarE? You didn't mention any name. Its usually up to the specific AI developer how they deal with expansions (and the AI expansion configurations set by the user when they are setting up the game). Some AI's put economic limits on the expansions and other have mass to factory ratio limits on them(or both) that may be limiting it.

The AI is supposed to get a list of of units at an expansion to determine if it should make its own expansion there so it 'should' be detecting other AI's naval factories on locations before deciding its going to make its own.


Thanks for the reply relentless ...
I normally use AIx Sorian Turtle AI on land and AIx Sorian Water for navy. Both multipliers @1.2
We play on TeamPlay_AI maps that have full set of FA Markers. Three Humans vs Three teamed Sorian Turtle AIx. AI factions are Aeon, Cybran and UEF matching our own factions.
I have found if the Land Expansion Limit is set to 8 then the AI expands as it should.
At the current limit of 5 the Sorian Turtle AIx does not expand to build on spare start positions or Large Expansion Areas ... it will sometimes build T2 weapons under shields on the most forward Small Expansion Area.

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