FAF client won't download

I'm trying to install the FAF client on a new machine, downloading it from the link on this page. The download starts but it goes extremely slow, around 20 or 30 KB/s. At some point during the download, it might be after only 10 seconds or it might be an hour and a half and almost finished, it stops and says "network error". I try to resume but it immediately stops again and says I'm not authorized.

I have an account and I'm logged in and everything. I've restarted it at least 20 times today and it just won't work. Is there something going on with the server? Or some other reason it would be doing this? It's not my internet -- I can stream movies on high def with no problem. I did all the usual stuff, like restarting my computer and trying the download with no other programs running.

@mostlostnoob Alright I'll give that a try

@mostlostnoob I tried downloading it 3 times and it's still not working. The download will go for a bit (very slowly) and then stop because of "Network Error". If I try to resume it says "Failed - Needs Authorization"

By the way that link appears to be the same URL as the one I was using before.

There's most likely some sort of issue with AV software/Window Security or a firewall on your new machine preventing a steady connection as I've just tried from both the website & GitHub direct (which are as you pointed out the same link) & it downloads in a few seconds without issue.

@mostlostnoob Dang it... alright, thanks for your help. I'll look around and try to find what's up.

We also mirror it off GitHub at http://faf-mirror.brutus5000.net/faf_windows-x64_2023_7_1.exe which you can try.

But yeah ultimately there is some issue with your connection to GitHub that you may want to resolve.

I used to have a very slow connection to Github. For me it turned out it was Hamachi messing with the settings of the transmission control protocoll. Maybe you are lucky and this resolves your issue:
https://community.logmein.com/t5/Hamachi-Discussions/Slow-internet-speeds-after-installing-Hamachi/td-p/210879#:~:text=Re%3A Slow downloads after installing Hamachi&text=The settings need to be,Scaling State enabled as well.