Idea for Kamikaze units in FAF


if your opponent gets enough unscouted mercies to kill you, you deserve to lose.

If you scout them and don't sacrifice a few inties to kill them, you deserve to lose.

If you can't do this and still walk your acu in a way that it can get snipe, you deserve to lose.

Tell me more.


This type of logic is why we need instructions on shampoo.

@drpatrickstar i am happier with all T2 snipes providing more or less the same wiggle room to the victim, and mercies were way more punishing than T2 gunships or bombers because of the alpha damage. No chance to move under shields, no chance to get close to flak, no chance to bring inties to help, just scout (every aeon, not just your opponent), cower away from the front, or die randomly.

Aeon gunships can do almost the same thing but it feels more fair losing to them.

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Bec people will get bullied worse than whatโ€™s already happening

Would they? I would just downvote and move on.
But now you need to actually write something to show you disagree.

I see your point, it makes sense. Although I can hardly say that T2 UEF air is capable of "sniping" rather than "steady tickling to death".

For me it always was an intentional difference between races:

  • UEF has only damage over time
  • Aeon has only alpha damage
  • Cybran and Seraph are in the middle
    (talking aboun air to ground damage here but Aeon is about alpha damage in many different places)

Now Aeon air seems to be very strange:
Mercy is a one-use Janus and Specters cost more than Stingers, have twice less dps but in alpha-damage form (aka extremely bad).

I don't say I know what to do with Mercy so they become useful but balanced, but seems like this direction just makes them obsolete.

Get your facts straight dude. You have best T2 gunship and somehow still cry about it, even lie about it's DPS which is more or less the same as stinger. Like holy shit, how come every aeon dude is like the biggest crybaby ever.


Bro wants a 2 shot uef gunship at t2 stage ๐Ÿ’€

@Xiaomao not talking to you, go bully someone else on twitter


| Bro wants a 2 shot uef gunship at t2 stage ๐Ÿ’€

Can you please elaborate, I can not parse what you wanted to say.

I am taking calculating units dps from the Units tab in FAF, so there might be some inconsistency with the current game state. I've tested actual dps values, they are the same for Aeon and UEF. So the gunship point is invalid, but the "one time Janus" point holds.

@rredmage said in Idea for Kamikaze units in FAF:

@Xiaomao not talking to you, go bully someone else on twitter

Why should I, it's not me blatantly lying to everyone else in his posts and promoting toxic game design.

@mazornoob in early-mid game beatle is greate when dealing with t2 spam where there is no ACU near