AI Uveso does nothing when playing.


Ai Uveso was working fine up till a few days ago but earlier today when trying to play with it it would do nothing no matter what. It seemed to be generating the waypoints it needed and no matter what map I tried its the same.


It is mentioned in the changelog:

As a consequence of this, all AI mods need to update how they set up their AI. We informed them of this months ago and helped them with these changes throughout June and we expect to see quick updates right after the patch of the AI mods that are still actively maintained.

Until he updates it his AI will not work. He's already prepared the work, and just needs to finalize it. Meanwhile, try the Adaptive AI that ships with FAF or M27 AI from the vault 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned


Thanks for the info! Glad to know.



Please use the AI-​​Uveso forum thread for bug reports or suggestions:

I am reading the whole forum, so I see your post here too,
but writing to the AI ​​Uveso channel makes it easier for people who have the same problem.
(But feel free to write where you want, it's just a suggestion. It's more important than you write at all 😉 )

Apart from that thanks for your report.
I will fix this as soon as i have time (this week)