its already unbearable! i play and points are not counted, even games are not counted, but there are replays,why is that?

TMM or Global?
If global then there are many reasons for why games are not rated, maps, unit restrictions mods etc.

And looking at your replay vault then yeah, you played on unranked maps, with AI or bad mods. You even played out games that were plain desynced lmao.

Anyway, just open your replay vault and you will see why was the game unrated(below the blue button on right side of the screenshot).

@xiaomao now i play i win, no rating ,no point,no match , no replay, what is this? i can say this is faf go to hell and its ok?

@gulldannn I'm not sure what your question is. You have been receiving or losing points in all your recent matches. See here.

You can check how many points you got for your game if your replays. Here are your last 3 global games:
ad917480-dce1-4e42-90bf-ca16cb16df0a-image.png f0fe1571-869f-4db1-9c7a-9213f56f290f-image.png eb8c379c-06f9-4602-8b7b-60e3b8c33637-image.png

You have also played games that will not reward you points. As Xiaomao mentioned, there are several reasons why you might not get any rating. These include:

  • The map itself is set as 'unrated'
  • The host selected the option to unrate the match in the lobby
  • The host has restricted one or more units
  • The game desynced
  • The game was aborted within a few minutes

You have played several maps that are set unrated by default. You can verify this by checking your replays.
Example: 5f9e803f-9f5f-4920-b2b9-b1c6ceb5e45e-image.png

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@indexlibrorum after that game i play astro and faf say its not real, no game no points no replay ,no replay ,but i play i speak with players ,good game and..

@gulldannn after 5 hours replay appeared,ahahah FAF