Number of players bug

I'm getting a weird bug currently where it seems like the number of players as shown in the main FAF lobby in no way reflects the actual number of players in the game lobby.

As I type this I'm in a game lobby that is full with 16 players, but the main lobby shows only 3.

Anyone else getting this? It's pretty much constant to all game lobbies so no specific game numbers or other specific details to report..

It happens to me occasionally. When it does, it seems like people can no longer connect and I see a lot of Connecting to Player....
without the corresponding Connection to Player established. I have to restart faf and rehost to fix it, sometimes repeatedly. The old lobby lingers on the game list for minutes after that, when this happens.

The number in the FAF lobby is supposed to reflect how many players are actually connected to the host. Does it happen to you mostly when you’re hosting or also when you’re not the host?

It actually used to show how many people had attempted to connect rather than how many people had successfully connected which meant you had the opposite problem where it might show 10/10 players but there were actually only 8/10. That obviously means that if someone thinks the lobby is full because it shows 10/10 they’re going to be less likely to join it and so you could end up with lobbies that would never fill. It’s possible that something changed with the game code that affected how the lobby server detects who is connected to the host, because showing 3 when there are 16 seems like a much bigger difference in numbers than I would expect. I’ll ask @Jip in Zulip.

@just_norm I read this and it sounds like your referring to the refresh rate of the lobby on the client? If it is , I would just fiddle with filter options to force the client to refresh from your perspective.

I would add that I prefer this lobby behaviour.

@phong Yea i get that. Sounds like sound advice. Although given he says he has a full lobby and the lobby has only 3 (like a historical reference) is it possible he means the above