Need an option to prevent all automatic repair

Is it possible to put an option into the game so that you can stop all units, Kennels and Hives from doing any sort of automatic repair?

It's quite aggrevating to lose games due to unwanteed repairs. Whether it's wasted mass as your patrolling engineer decides to heal a team mates abandoned T1 factory, unwanted repairs of your ACU by engineers when all you wanted was an upgrade assist or the usual pain in my bum - some part of my base takes damage and all my Hives start to repair everything within their radius and it takes up a load of mass.

And yes I know there are some ways to limit the effect like always having Hives assigned to shields or whatever but I'm not asking about that. I guess I'm asking can all units with the repair functionality be given an extra button(?) to tell them not to repair ever.

I'd like full manual control of all assigned repairs essentially.


It would require an assembly patch - which likely won't happen as those are very difficult. Therefore the answer is no - it is not possible.

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@just_norm micro is the answer. A few tricks I use to negate this is I will spam attack move orders across the map with engies rather than patrol them, If upgrading an acu I will have that group of engies ordered to assist a pgen or something like that right after or an attack move for reclaiming so they dont start a repair or follow my acu and if I ever have hives or kennels I have them assist a shield (or pgen if I dont have a shield) right after the main task I had them on so that cant do things on their own.

@jip Is it possible to do it via a mod? I'm guessing all the relevant units have a value somewhere reflecting that they have the ability such as Repair = 1, if so, could a mod set all those values to zero ? Just a thought

It requiring an assembly patch means a mod isn't going to be doing it unless you plan on learning how to reverse engineer closed source engines. Although even in that case, I'm not sure if a mod that messes with the .exe won't just result in an immediate desync regardless.