stand-up animation like the GC

Hello everyone, I am currently working on a unit (RAMROD- Alpha Status) and would like to give this mech a stand-up animation like the GC. The animation is finished, but I don't know if it will be integrated. The line is defined in the blueprint, but I don't know what else is needed? Could you tell me where the animation goes?

Change AnimationActivate to AnimationPermOpen

Thanks for Your answer. But unfortunately it is not the activation during the construction phase.8c30c9f2-030b-41a8-be68-49c6cc20a79f-image.png

a14a3648-ca94-43f1-a4a9-930bf8b1d0eb-image.png 1b1afaa7-43d7-463d-92bb-30ac947ac9bb-image.png b092568d-6b05-4a7a-a777-931465ddcffb-image.png 2f263f83-a34f-4cbe-9978-6fcadc25303d-image.png 6e04584e-8185-4bf9-903a-1dcf4c7b5e13-image.png

Hello, if other people are interested. Here is an excerpt from my scripts and blueprint from Ramrod.

79c2c14e-8995-4d24-a0a0-6779be31bdd6-image.png bfcb39b2-c957-434b-9209-9186f1dd2891-image.png

I hope it can help other people working on their own units or help improve the game. I had great support from other modders who gave me good tips. Thanks to everyone working on FAF 🙂