Are there AI mods that are widely highly regarded?

I recently got into Supreme Commander, and just doing some 4-on-4 (7 of them AI's) skirmishes on Seton's Clutch, I've discovered the dreaded tendency of the stock AI's to get jammed up with units. I've also noticed when playing games with "no nukes" and "no game-enders", the AI is still building strategic missile defenses... which would seem to be a complete waste of resources.

I did a quick search of the forum for "AI mod" and it does look like some exist. I'm wondering if there are any that are highly-regarded by a consensus of the board?

It depends on if your going to enforce restrictions.

If your not playing with 100 mods and are happy to play against the AI like you would in a normal pvp game then the list of AIs goes something like.

M27AI - This is an efficiency king and at least 10% better than any other AI out there right now.
RNGAI - This is a much less efficient AI but can still give you a fun game.
UvesoAI - This is a more compatible with mods AI but is also turtle focused.
DillidalliAI - This is good fun on open land maps.

The important thing is that these all have different play styles.
There are a few others I didn't mention but you can track them down in the ai section of the faf discord if you still want more.

I'd say if you want to get a feel for which AI is good for your play style. Test them in 1v1 scenarios a few times on a classic map like open palms or something. Then you can explore team games.

Keep in mind that these AI's are not frozen in time. They are improving over time.

Enforcing restrictions is not really top of mind when someone is developing an AI so they don't support it well. If you want to win, just play a worse AI.

When will see the first AI using Video PreTraining and a Chat GPT4 like neural network?