[SOLVED] Remove teleport from Aeon and Seraphim SACU

Sorry if a mod like this already exists, I've searched the vault and didn't find it. It seems like it should be a fairly simple thing to write (?) but it's been over a decade since I did any FA modding myself and I don't remember a thing about how to do it.

You can disable the upgrade in the unit manager by clicking the upgrade icon. It'll unrank your game but a mod would do that anyway.

I didn't know that -- thanks!


I want to add at the End of this and ask:
Is there a Teleporter Inhibitor Mod?

I do not want to disable it but to counter it!

The Teleport should happen at the outer limit of the inhibitor range, and if inhibitors are in chain, then the most nearest possible point!

I could swear I saw an inhibitor but I don't know where it was!

Any helps?

Black Ops Unleashed introduces teleport jammers.

Ah thx.
But I / We need it with Mayham !

How to achieve that?


Install both - or use The LOUD Project where all that is already a part of the package.