(Resolved)Issue with Launcher, black box


I cannot launch FAF client properly anymore. Used to work perfect before. Now the launcher gives a small black box after the initial splash screen and the following error can be found.


maalisk. 06, 2023 8:44:15 IP. com.sun.javafx.application.PlatformImpl startup
WARNING: Unsupported JavaFX configuration: classes were loaded from 'unnamed module @196968be'

Computer is booted. I reinstalled FAF and game client. Java is updated to the latest version. No effect.

Thank you for your help in advance.


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Would need the whole client.log not just a line

@sheikah client.logs are these right ?


It looks like the most recent one from the time I played last time it worked for me. Does that provide anything useful or should I get a client.log for the attempt I do now ?

client.log for the most recent attempt when it is broken. The file will be named just client.log

@sheikah client.log

Sorry for the hassle, would help if I could read sometimes ^^

Thank you for the help, issue resolved itself when I did another reinstall while selecting to remove all metadata etc in the uninstaller. I had not selected that option the last time.