Unable to create Direct3D-> unable to change resolution

I've been afflicted by the Unable to create Direct3D issue on trying to set up a new laptop with GeForce 3080 Mobile. I've tried all the standard, older fixes - updating drivers, downgrading drivers for the last 3 releases with GameReady and WHQL versions, reinstalling the Steam package, editing or resetting game.prefs, what finally seemed to work is setting the default GPU in the nVidia Control Panel to the Geforce, instead of the onboard Iris, or Optimus auto switching; and disabling (disconnecting) my secondary monitor entirely on WHQL 528.49, the Feb-23 release. 3D-mode switching between the GPUs (iris/GeForce) did nothing to help the SupCom game.
Finally, the game actually starts using this manual driver selection method although this is a PITA anytime i want to play a game. Modern games switch back and forth no problem..

But now that the app doesn't immediately crash, it appears I can't edit the video resolution to anything other than the default 1024x768. I've tried everything from the default screen resolution (2k) 2560x1440 down to 1280x960 so far and all it generates is a grey screen with no video. The application continues to run and audio works fine but just a flat grey window forcing me to kill the app from task manager.

Does anyone have definitive fixes to work with a GeForce 3080? This is very frustrating as both desktop 2080s and Quadro RTX worked just fine at 4k. Does it require even older driver versions?

Just to make sure, the primary screen you are playing the game on is your inbuilt Laptop monitor, not an external monitor? If yes, im afraid i have no advise for you other than the generic "did you try reinstalling windows" answer.

You could try defining the resolution directly in the preference file, see if that helps.

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same issue i can launch the steam version through a modified shortcut with /notvalidated add but it crashes about an hour into play (an other issue im sure) but faf gives me the unable to create direct3d and i just did a clean install wiping all the old files and folder before reinstalling both faf and scfa. i can share my log if anyone is will to help or tell me what to look for in it.

@oblivion666 With that direct3d error, I'd suggest that you go to your Steam SCFA folder > DirectX, then run the DXSETUP.exe installer to re-install the DirectX files that SCFA uses.

I'd also suggest that you go to FAF client > top left menu > Settings > Forged Alliance Forever > Use FAF Debugger when starting Forged Alliance > check > click "Get the latest version of the debugger". This will create a more detailed log to assist with troubleshooting.

So no clue whats going on. today i did a clean install of faf and scfa and even load. tried running it with all three and steam was the only somewhat success... it would give me the could not create direct3d error but with steam i could relaunch and play the game for about an hour before it would crash/freeze or just close, modified the shortcut with the /notvalidated and i get the error less on steam but does still come up. read your post about an hour ago and launched faf to get the more detailed log and it worked... for about an hour then crash like described. attaching log

ummm.... ever see a log file be over 15mb?

Yes - those filled with SND/XACT error messages - caused by surround sound.