Some tweaks here and there... cause why not


Just a few ideas I would've changed if I could. Non of these are game breaking and I actually just wana hear what could work, what wouldn't and why etc... more of a personal opinion piece. And if it gives one of the balance councillors and idea on somethings that's a win.


mass cost from 35>25

Reason: this makes LABS half the price of a tank, in exchange for 1/4 the hp of a tank but the same dps. Cheap dps to support your tanks. Labs dont get any love past the 3 minutes mark or so, there are already lab changes suggusted in the beta, this is far less extreme and gives labs a overall slightly better place as raiding units and allows them to even support tanks in larger fights

this also makes ghettos slightly cheaper.

Atlantis: Iv mentioned this in another thread so not going over it much

hp: 40k>55k ; AA dps: 280(x4) > 500 (x4) ; BP: 280>500 Mass cost: 12k>20K

Quantum Gates: remove the ability to assist gates, Increase price to 5.5k mass ( maybe remove pre-sets if its still not enouph)

Reason: people complaining about ras sacu

Mavor: Buff accuracy over long range

Reason: I got salty watching a mavor miss an acu 11 times in a row.

Additional unit: T2 engineer boat Reason: just to make it easier to reclaim navy wrecks and even provide the opportunity to repair bs while out at sea..

Basically the sea version of a sparky, engineers are very slow and squishy on the water, nothing game breaking

Mass cost: 850
Build rate: 50 (4 t2 engineers)
Speed: 5.5 or 6 depending
HP: 3k

Blueprint library: Navy factories, Torp defence, AA, sonar.

Personally I think if given the chance it could add a nice little bit of flavour to the game without changing any of the games balance mechanics.

Extra edit: Projectile speed the worse offender is the tactile missiles, but aurora and striker also suffer from this since there shots are very easy to dodge, Something feels very off with how slow most projectiles move, I really think it will make the game feel a bit more fast paced and exciting if the muzzle velocity of some off the units got increased. a 25% increase the speed of tac missiles is nothing game breaking, but definitely improves the overall feel of the game.

Submarines I swear at some point subs used to travel faster when surfaced, this would be a nice way of giving players a extra way to get more out of there subs, having them be faster than frigs while surfaced, but the same speed when submerged.

They basically become your raiding unit out on the ocean, being able to get passed frigates underwater and make a quicker escape while surfaced, gives the player more room to play around with there surface toggle and rewards micro.

So yea that's all I can think off....


An engineer boat that could repair other boats (and reclaim) would probably be called a "Tender." Not sure if we need one, but that would be the name for it . . . would it have enough build range and enough of a library of blueprints (if any) to start a land invasion? Would it be able to make land factories near the water's edge?


@arma473 nah, I would say at most it should make sonar, torp defence, air defence and naval factories.... So like how sparky is dedicated front line engi, the tender would be a dedicated navy engie...

We definitely don't need it, but it would be a nice quality of life unit on the water...

also, it should be priced right and have the right amount of bp so it doesn't become a spam unit like engies are on land... like 4 or 5 at most on the water


Search for 'engineering' on this page:

Balthazar already made an engineering boat / ship as part of his mod 😄


Removing presets for SACUs is about as reasonable of a solution as removing the ability for t1 tanks to auto target units because noobs can’t figure out how to get out of t1 stage.

No new units.


There isn't a point or reason to making arbitrary changes, and I personally don't want to mess with game balance to make some stats line up on the backend. It doesn't make sense to do so.

Again, if you want to suggest balance changes that have a chance of going somewhere:

  • Define the problem / Prove that a problem exists with examples
  • Showcase a solution
  • Show how your solution solves the problem

Making random number changes without testing or rationale is never going to be acceptable for FAF balance.


@biass most arnt really arbitrary, the Atlantis is in a really bad spot right now, and there seems to be a big debate going on about ras sacu...

As for the tanks, price changes are already being being in the faf beta, only difference is instead of going up to 56 for all tanks i went down to 50... this also slightly helps balance the lab changes i suggested..,

Labs are also getting reworked, the reason I thought of making a change is cause labs get very little love past 3 minutes or so, so decreasing there price would give them a pretty nice role as cheap dps without replacing the job of tanks.. Arguably this is a much simpler change than what is happening in the beta...

The only one I would say is arbitrary is the Mavor accuracy buff and the T2 navy engineer... those where more personal flavour than anything else that I will admit...

the rest was posted with good intention.

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

Edited by removing the tank changes... I actually have no problem with the current tank balance, mantis has the upper edge over the Striker but that plays into the cybran rush tactics and rewards a early t2 push for uef since they have a much better t2... No reason tanks all need to be perfectly equal...

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