Burning structures


Continuing the topic of "factions are mostly the same in this game".

What if one of the factions (preferably UEF) gets slow burning damage on their structures when they go lower than 1/5 of max HP for having too much max HP? Yes, like Terrans in Starcraft.

Would make one faction more interesting.

Update: Actually, what if every faction has unique structure mechanics? Cybrans already have low max HP + regen. Aeon could get shields on every structure, and they com generates more energy, Sera structs could all generate small amount of energy.


I mean, we don't have to get it radical, just a tiny bit as an experiment.


DoT on low health buildings?


Cybran finally becomes broken kappa


I'll bite.

The perfect addition to this proposal would be to allow Napalm to stick to units
and make them keep burning even after they leave the AoE.

Improved fire effects, overall! More realistic, no?!

~ Stryker