Connection Issue - Peer to Peer with Another Australian

I've come back to FAF after a hiatus, and found that I can't connect directly to a friend of mine - it'll only connect through the proxy (which is about 600 ping).

I've followed the standard troubleshooting (including recommendations here, tested internet on other apps, used different devices, used VPN (on both ends), turned off IPv6 etc. I can connect fine to other players overseas, but only seem to have issues with other Australians.

I've attached the ice-log file here: ice-adapter.log - 11:22 is when I (DeceptiveLettuce) made a game and had my friend (DefectiveLettuc) try to connect.

The only thing I haven't done is tried contacting my ISP to change CGNAT, although I haven't had issues in the past.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Could the issue actually be on your friend's side? Just a thought.

Best of luck in fixing your issue either way!

@deceptivelettuce Fellow Australian here - I have the exact same issue.

Ping to one Australian was 60ms and direct. Every other connection to Australia is relay and hitting 600ms 😞

I assume it's this part:
2023-02-28 11:22:50.618 INFO onConnectToPeer 177745 DefectiveLettuc, offer: true (com.faforever.iceadapter.IceAdapter:111)
2023-02-28 11:22:50.620 DEBUG Peer created: 177745, DefectiveLettuc, localOffer: true (
2023-02-28 11:22:50.622 DEBUG Now forwarding data to peer DefectiveLettuc(177745) (
2023-02-28 11:22:50.622 INFO Sending Notification:{"method":"onIceConnectionStateChanged","params":[177734,177745,"gathering"],"jsonrpc":"2.0"} (com.nbarraille.jjsonrpc.JJsonPeer:529)
2023-02-28 11:22:50.627 INFO Received GPGNet message: Disconnected 177745 (c.f.iceadapter.gpgnet.GPGNetServer:116)
2023-02-28 11:22:50.627 INFO Sent GPGNet message: ConnectToPeer DefectiveLettuc 177745 (c.f.iceadapter.gpgnet.GPGNetServer:126)
2023-02-28 11:22:50.628 INFO Sending Response:{"result":null,"id":3,"jsonrpc":"2.0"} (com.nbarraille.jjsonrpc.JJsonPeer:574)
2023-02-28 11:22:50.628 INFO Sending Notification:{"method":"onGpgNetMessageReceived","params":["Disconnected",["177745"]],"jsonrpc":"2.0"} (com.nbarraille.jjsonrpc.JJsonPeer:529)
2023-02-28 11:22:50.633 INFO ICE DefectiveLettuc(177745): Initiating ICE for peer (
2023-02-28 11:22:50.656 INFO ICE DefectiveLettuc(177745): Gathering ice candidates (
2023-02-28 11:22:50.658 INFO Using official ice servers: [,,] (

I basically see the same where local is offered and then using official ICE server ( - in Germany) is used. Which is why the really high ping.