Weekly Discussion #30 - Discord Reorganization

Gameplay for talk about balance

  • balance discussion channel


  • if it’s changing units, balance discussion channel
  • if it’s using units, it’s training


  • literally the definition of training


  • yeah that’s training


  • learning how to read a map is training

If these are gameplay just delete the training channel cuz then that’s pointless lol

I don't really get the point of this, that's the same amount of chats, just some are now threads which imho aren't as nice to use & are easy to miss in my experience. You can already hide or mute channels you don't care about, and search for the channel you want with ctrl+k so I find the discord in general pretty easy to parse & navigate as is.

I think magge's tech channel idea is really good though, that format's been really nice to use in other servers.

I see the threads idea is unpopular and there are valid criticisms, so I'll scrap that for now. I'll also play around with incorporating some of the ideas posted here.

The idea behind splitting gameplay and training is that there's a dedicated area for trainers to interact with trainees, and then gameplay is a less formal/rigorous space to talk. This warrants more discussion though and I've asked the training team whether this would be preferable.

Are there any complaints about removing #balance-discussion in favor of individual threads on each suggestion or about merging all the pvp rating channels?

I don't think balance discusion should be scrapped. It's not used solely for discussig balance suggestions.

Changing the suggestions channel format is a good idea, I was just too lazy to do it.

@deribus said in Weekly Discussion #30 - Discord Reorganization:

Are there any complaints about removing #balance-discussion in favor of individual threads on each suggestion or about merging all the pvp rating channels?

What you say the pvp rating channels, do you just mean #under-300-meetup, #under-800-meetup, #under-1300-meetup, #under-1800-meetup, and #over-1800-meetup or something else?

Yes, #balance-discussion is desirable to have in combination with a thread-spawning #balance-suggestions channel, where #balance-discussion is for more general vand varied discussions regarding balance and the #balance-suggestions channel is basically just a list of suggestions where each suggestion can be made into a thread that would have relevant discussion.

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@penguin_ said in Weekly Discussion #30 - Discord Reorganization:

What you say the pvp rating channels, do you just mean #under-300-meetup, #under-800-meetup, #under-1300-meetup, #under-1800-meetup, and #over-1800-meetup or something else?

Yup, those

Been busy with work lately but V2 is finally ready for your judgement!

Primary changes here are:

  • Removal of the thread channels
  • Reorganizing the existing General and Topics categories into FAF and Off-Topic
  • Splitting of #replays-to-cast with an addition of #replays-been-cast as per caster suggestion
  • Splitting of #gameplay-and-training into #gameplay, #training, and #replay-review as per training team suggestion (testing and open to change)
  • Condensing mapping and modding channels into a single category (name is a placeholder)
  • Moved the roles category up as most users won't see it anyway and those channels are important for those that do
  • Technical Support is getting a forum. @Rowey Is working on setting that part up

Still TBD:

  • May remove Random-Map-Gen category and most of its channels
  • The existing roles channel access has been integrated into a new Discord feature called Onboarding. I still need to investigate in more detail how it works, whether it would be an improvement over our current process, and whether it would require all existing users to re-onboard upon implementation

Maybe mix balance discussion into gameplay as well since it often boils down to that. As for balance suggestions we can always open a thread on it when talking down specific changes and implementation.
Good job so far, I like the changes

Analyze, Adapt, Overcome...

@deribus Some thoughts/suggestions:

  1. Rename #replays-been-cast to #streams-and-casts
  2. If you're going to have the faf meme and replay channels in the FAF category, they should be at the bottom of the category (rather than the middle).
  3. Make the replay-review channel into a thread-creation-only channel (done via bot and or permission settings) where users would just post replays there and the discussion for a replay would take place in that replay's thread. This could be particularly useful in the way of creating a referencable list that people could be referred to to learn things from other people's replays and the feedback given to them.
  4. #meme-sharing and #politics are used a lot more than #cute-animals and should presumably be at the top of the off-topic channel list.
  5. Instead of adding a looking for game category, just add the two channels of #looking-for-game and #looking-for-group to the FAF category right below #general-chat.
  6. If you're going to merge the mapping and modding categories, the modding channels should either be at the top or bottom of the category's channel list rather than in-between mapping-related channels.
  7. Don't delete the #matchmaker-submissions channel that is used...
  8. The mapgen category isn't used that much but it is informative and I don't think it should be removed without a suitable replacement for its functionality (which I don't expect to happen soon if ever).
  9. #balance-suggestions should be changed to a thread-creation-only channel or a Discord forum.
  10. Move #casts-and-streams (or whatever its called), #replays-to-cast, and #faf-memes to FAF Promotions (which could be renamed) or to a new category that could be called something like FAF Media or FAF Entertainment.

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As @Deribus Mentioned ive been working on convering thecnial help over to a forum to make it easyer to find infomation regaring common issuse and how to fix them and then for any other issuse a new post can be created with guidlines on what makses a good post to get to the solution the quickest. 78204416-e8bd-4122-b177-e98c3e20397e-image.png

Here is what I've got so far all the information that was in the pins has been migrated over into its own Post. Were only have to have 1 Pined post in a Forum so the top pin post is where were able to list links to all the most common issues that happen and the link their will take you to the corresponding Forum post. All these channels are read only.

If you have any suggestions for any other common issues please let me know here and we can add them.

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