Suggestion: Ladder Map Size preference

How about adding a Map Size preference ladder like:


I had the idea because I want to play ladder, but I didn't feel like playing a small map. (because being low rank, my map pool is always little maps 😕 )

It has to be a multiselect (like factions).

It chooses the preference if all players want the same.
This is important for balance to avoid players specializing in concrete map sizes


player 1 wants 10x10
player 2 wants 10x10 or 5x5
then 10x10 is chosen

player 1 wants 20x20
player2 wants 5x5
random size is chosen

You can also choose none or all maps sizes, and it's just random/choose the other player preference then.

What do you think?

The matchmaker team is against this idea because playerbase is already small enough and this will only serve to increase queue times.

@archsimkat my understanding of the proposal is it would have no direct impact on queue times-ie you’d find a match for a game the same as currently, but once a match is found the map chosen wouldnt be completely random from the pool but would be weighted towards any common map size preferences between the players.

@maudlin27 @archsimkat
Yes, The idea is that is only a preference, so the queue time will be the same and no change need to be done in the matchmaking. Only when the map is selected, it has to take in consideration the map size preferences if it's possible (all players want some same map size).

Obviously it would have to be seen how much interest there is in this. Maybe I'm the only one who cares about the size of the map xD

It would likely skew ratings, e.g. someone might only play 5x5. This would make it harder to compare people by looking at their ladder ratings.

But they can't only play 5x5 as both players have to agree