Voice issue

Hi I am playing SC and SC:FA on steam on a Windows 11 computer. Am facing an issue with the in-game voice not being heard, although music and sound effects are ok.
Anyone managed to solve this voice issue ? Thanks

Hi, unfortunately I know your problem, but unfortunately I don't have a solution either. I once looked for the problem, but I found it in the Coop Kamp. by Supreme Commander and in the Creative Maps. In the maps of Forge Alianz it goes strangely.

@Sheikah this may be due to some files missing as they are unpacked, same for movies.

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Yesterday I just downloaded and installed windows update KB5022404 for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8.1 for Windows 11, Version 22H2. And Wow ! Suddenly the videos and voices can be played normally for SC:FA. Amazing ! Its no longer a broken game !