Weekly Discussion #28 - Other T3 Land

T3 arty, Spearheads, and T3 Mobile shields

What about em

bang spearhead
marry mobile shield
kill mobile arty

I want more mobile arty in my life. Tell snipey bots to f off

spearheads (and maybe mobile missile launchers in general) should have toggle ability to switch between shooting missiles 1 at a time and as many as they can at same time, in case of spearhead, 3

i started mixing spearheads into my skirmish comps for when the games get static its so BM for the enemy 😂

Its great, they are so fucking cancer. You build like 10 instead overwhelms forces the enemy is forced to move their army and they keep them on the back foot PD wise so you can pd creep and other such things.

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spearhead = shield disruptor