Want to contribute to FAF's Wiki?

FAF's Wiki has a decent amount of information but is missing some things and some of its information is outdated or could otherwise be improved. If you want to volunteer to help improve FAF's Wiki (and don't currently have permission to edit it), you can reply to this thread with your FAF username and how you'd like to help improve the Wiki.

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My username is Zeldafanboy

I want to improve the Wiki by adding unit statistics and descriptions, as of now the only wiki with this info is the outdated Supreme Commander wiki which is infested with ads and has GPGnet era balance. The spookydb unit database isn’t very well known

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

isn't just linking to units database easier, otherwise couldn't some bot automatically read from database and update wiki stats

It is best to integrate Balthazars wiki generator, and automatically generated the pages of the units directly from the blueprints. That way for each patch you can automatically regenerate the pages. It is something we wanted to do for a while now.

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@Jip how dose this work with wiki.js the wiki software we use ?

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I don't know yet - that would be part of the journey.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

We use git as storage, imho you just need to setup a workflow that commits to git.

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