A separate (fun) map generator 1v1 ladder/automatch

I have found that some of my most fun games have been on generated maps, as it forces you to think creatively about how to win without having some practiced routine and build order that suits the map. Some of the really mass/reclaim rich maps have been the most exciting and varied.

Unfortunately the map generator seems to have been removed from the 1v1 ladder rotation.

It would be a lot of fun if there was a 1v1 ladder mode that solely plays on generated maps. Perhaps there could be two or three different sizes?

What do you think?

Same as with non-fullshare: admins believe it is bad design to have a check button that is rarely used. Even though it would not hurt to have 100 of these buttons.

We just need a regular mapgen week back, feels like it has been awhile since the last one though tbh not sure if that was just when I was traveling or something

There is map gen for higher bracket rn in the ladder pool

Mapgen is far from perfect, but it does beat starting a game and thinking "how did I play this last time"?

Yeah, I'm not a fan of predictable games like Chess, but I guess some people are.