AI Wave Survival Mod Information


This is a guide for AI Wave Survival, a mod that turns any map into a survival map. The mod can spawn waves of land, air, and navy units. It works with unit packs, such as BlackOps, Total Mayhem, and should work with most others. Features boss units, special units for defenders, and endgame events.

IMPORTANT: The mod often DESYNCS immediately after starting. This is a FALSE DESYNC and can be ignored. It should not affect the gameplay.

To Play: Set at least one AI/Human to "Player Slot that Spawns HQ". More than one AI/Human can be on the HQ team. Set Humans/AI to another team or teams (can have multiple teams for Verses Survival matches). Make sure in Map Options that Civilians are set to “Default” or the mod won’t work. Recommended that AI Unit Cap be set to 2000.


  • Mod has been primarily tested with Uveso AI, which is the recommended AI to use. Using a different AI can result in different Wave Behavior. For example, M27 AI often holds waves back until it has overwhelming forces.
  • HQ Spawn is set under "Player Slot that Spawns HQ". Can be either AI or Human player. HQ Player can have AI/Human Allies that will die if HQ is destroyed.
  • By setting HQ Spawn Position, teams can be any combination of players.
  • A 2nd Spawn Point can be set under "Secondary Spawn Spot". Allows for waves from more than one spawn location. 2nd spawn needs an AI/Player in spot to work. Player can be killed off on spawn, under Base Building settings. Destroying building at 2nd spawn will disable spawn point.
  • Some maps have scripts that can interfere with the mod. For example, the Helms Deep map does not spawn the HQ where the Player Slot designates.
  • Defeat conditions can be set independently for players fighting the HQ and players allied with the HQ. For example, one can set so teams fighting the HQ must be completely destroyed, while allied players can be Assassinated.


  • Sets what races will spawn in waves. Any combination of races can be set. Nomads is supported, but as Nomads is no longer being updated, some bugs/crashes have been reported when using.

Wave Style:

  • Continuous Waves: Runs a script that forces spawned units to attack all players, fairly equally. Waves will attack even rear players, storming through other players’ bases to reach. Plays like a regular survival.
  • Aggressive Air/Navy/Land: Waves dynamically target players and defenses. Stronger players will see an increased percentage of units headed their way.
  • AI Controlled: Disables above script and lets AI control waves as it sees fit. Different AI’s will use units how they are programmed. Usually AI’s will horde units until they have overwhelming force. This option can be used to give “reinforcements” to AI players, making them more aggressive and dangerous. M27 AI is especially challenging with the mod and small numbers of reinforcements.
  • Human with AI Assist: For Human HQ players that want some help. Waves will receive initial attack orders from AI, but no further orders after reaching their target. If waves are redirected by player, they will obey the player's orders. Any new units built by Human players will not be redirected by scripts.

Win Condition, 0 = Kill HQ:
Sets if a team can win by either holding a set amount of time or having to kill the HQ to win. Time is in minutes that team must hold the Final Stage, after Hold Time has ended. Setting to 0 disables and team must kill HQ to win.

Verses Survival On/Off
"Verses Survival On" option will destroy HQ and any HQ allies seconds after one team/player vanquishes all other opposition. "Verses Survival Off" requires HQ being destroyed to win game. Verses Survival requires HQ Team plus two or more teams, or HQ will suicide on start. Supports FFA.

Defeat Conditions
Sets what conditions teams fighting the HQ can be defeated.

  • Assassinate All ACUs Defeat: Special defeat condition, if all ACU's fighting HQ are destroyed, then all players die.
  • Supremacy Defeat/Assassinate Defeat/Annihilation Defeat: Same as default game, and applies to individual players. Does not apply to any players allied with HQ Player.

HQ Allies Defeat Conditions
Additional Defeat conditions for players allied with HQ. Only affects HQ Allies. Destroying HQ will always eliminate all HQ Allies. The Defeat Conditions are the same as the normal conditions in Supreme Commander, Assassination/Supremacy/Annihilation.

  • HQ Allies Kill All ACUs Defeat: Special defeat setting, must kill all Allied ACU's to eliminate HQ allied players.

HQ/2ndSpawn Base Building On/Off:

  • BaseBuilding On: AI will build base and units. Can attack with any units it builds before Build Time ends.
  • BaseBuilding Off: AI ACU will self-destruct after game starts, preventing Base Building. Only kills AI that has HQ. Helps to improve sim speed and waves are not obstructed by base buildings.
  • HQ Only BaseBuilding: If 2nd Spawn is on, kills 2nd Spawn Player, but HQ Player can still build.
  • 2nd Spawn Only BaseBuilding: If 2nd Spawn on, disables HQ Player from building, but lets 2nd Spawn Player build.

HQ Defenses:
Sets the type of defense that spawn around the HQ. Guardian Defenses are extremely tough. Vanilla are standard units, or can be set to Off for no defenses. Also affects some of 2nd Spawns defenses.

Player Slot that Spawns HQ
Assigns what slot HQ will spawn in. Allows for better mod performance and greater control in customizing team games. If set to Random, a random player on the smaller team will be set as HQ Player.

Secondary Spawn Spot
Sets where the 2nd Spawn for waves is. MUST have a Human/AI Player in spot to work.

  • Secondary Land Spawn % - Sets what % of Land Wave spawns at 2nd Spawn. 0% to 100%.
  • Secondary Air Spawn % - Sets what % of Air Wave spawns at 2nd Spawn. 0% to 100%.
  • Secondary Navy Spawn % - Sets what % of Navy Wave spawns at 2nd Spawn. 0% to 100%.
  • Transfer Units to HQ Spawn - Set what % of waves are recovered from 2nd Spawn by HQ if 2nd Spawn is destroyed. IE. 2nd Spawn has 100% Naval spawn, Transfer is set to 50%, so if destroyed, HQ will start spawning half sized naval waves.

Suicide Timer, For Verses
Sets if units that spawn in will suicide after set time. Useful for forcing human players to attack or to clear stuck units. Air suicides in 1x Time, Land/Navy in 1.5x Time, and Bosses in 2x Time. Units that are transferred to allies will not suicide.

1. Build Time (mins):

  • Set the Waves Start Time(mins).
    2. Delay between Waves (mins):
  • Sets delay between Waves (mins). Very big waves need longer delay or may not spawn.
    3. Hold Until (mins):
  • Sets hold time until Finale Stage begins. Waves tech up based on a percentage of Hold Time. Shorter games will see stronger units sooner. Longer games, slower tech progression. Mod has been balanced for 30 to 35 minute Hold Times.
    3b: Single Wave Break:
  • Creates a break in waves at 70% of Hold Time. Allows for preparing for endgame waves or a counter attack. Time is added to Hold Time, so a Hold Time of 28 minutes with a Wave Break of 2 minutes would become 30 minutes.
    4: Wave Tech Progression:
  • Speeds up or slows down wave tech level progression. A smaller number is faster, so 0.8 would increase wave tech progression by 20%. A value above 1 slows tech progression. Setting can be used to adjust difficulty, especially for longer/shorter Hold Time games.
    5: Start Waves at Tech 2:
  • Sets if Land/Air/Naval waves start at Tech2. Good for 20km maps or faster starts.
    6a: Endless Waves:
  • Sets what waves continue after Hold Time ends. Does not affect Boss Waves.
    6b: Endless Delay (Mins):
  • If Endless Waves enabled, can increase the delay between waves after Hold Time ends. So if waves were every 2 mins and Endless Delay is set to 1 minute, waves will be every 3 minutes after Hold Time ends.
    7a: BOSS LAND Units:
  • Sets the number of units in the Land Boss Waves.
    7b: BOSS AIR Units:
  • Sets the number of units in the Land Boss Waves.
    7c: BOSS Endless Final Wave:
  • Sets if Boss Waves repeat, and how frequently.
    8: Minor Boss Units On/Off:
  • Sets if Minor Land or Air Boss units spawn. Extra options add even more minor boss units that increase based on game-enders. If Extra Boss units are enabled, they will spawn even if land or air waves are disabled.
    9: Experimentals On/Off:
  • Sets if Experimentals will spawn in Land/Air/Naval waves and any combination of.
    10a: Experimental/Boss Land Frequency:
  • Will increase or decrease spawn rate of Land Experimentals and Minor Bosses.
    10b: Experimental/Boss Air Frequency:
  • Will increase or decrease spawn rate of Air Experimentals and Mini Bosses.
    10c: Experimental Navy Frequency:
  • Will increase or decrease spawn rate of Navy Experimentals.
    11a: LAND UNITS Per Player:
  • Number of Land Units Per Player.
    11b: LAND Wave Size Multiply
  • Causes waves to increase/decrease in size over game.
    12a: AIR UNITS Per Player:
  • Number of Air Units Per Player.
    12b: AIR Wave Size Multiply
  • Causes waves to increase/decrease in size over game.
    13a: NAVAL UNITS Per Player:
  • Number of Naval Units Per Player.
    13b: NAVAL Wave Size Multiply
  • Causes waves to increase/decrease in size over game.
    14a: Land Amphibious/AntiAir On/Off:
    'All On' - Spawns all Land units, 'No AntiAir' - Removes AA units, 'Amphibious' - Spawns only units than can cross water, 'Amphibious No AA' - Spawns amphibious and no AA.
    14b: ASF and Torp Bombers On/Off:
    'ASF' - Adds ASF Fighters to waves, 'Torp Bombers' - Adds Torp Bombers to waves, 'ASF+Torp Bombers' - Adds both to waves, 'Off' - Air waves only have bombers and gunships.
    15: Air Delay Spawn Time:
  • Adds a delay (in minutes) to when Air Waves start after Build Waves end. As air moves much faster than Land, gives teams more time to prepare a counter.
    16: Naval Delay Spawn Time:
  • Adds a delay (in minutes) to when Navy Waves start after Build Time ends. As navy is the most expensive to counter, gives more time for naval players to prepare.
    17: HP Bonus:
    HP Bonus increases all units' health per second of game time. The multiplier increases as the game progresses. For example, Land's HP Bonus multipliers are 0.5/1/1.5/2. They increase every 1/3 of Hold Time and once for the Final. Multipliers are Land/Air x0.5/1/1.5/2, Navy x1/1.5/2/2.5
    18: Incremental SpeedBoost:
    Increase Unit's Speed every Wave. Example: 0.006 = 0.6% Bonus per wave. Land receives 100% of bonus, Air/Navy receives 50%, EndBoss receives 30%.
    19: Single SpeedBoost:
  • Increases enemy speed once. Example: 0.05 = 5% Bonus. Land receives 100% bonus, Air/Navy receives 50%, EndBoss receives 30%.
    20: AI HeadQuarter's HP (millions):
  • Set the AI MainBuilding HP (millions).
    21: Enemy HQ Mass:
  • Mass Generated by HQ at start of game for AI. HQ produces 10000 after Hold Time ends and Final begins.
    22: Enemy HQ Energy:
  • Energy Generated by HQ at start of game for AI. HQ produces 1000000 after Hold Time ends and Final begins.
    23a: NUKE STRIKES On/Off:
  • Turns scripted Nukes off. Offensive Nukes target player bases. Defensive Nukes target units too close to HQ. AI may still build nukes if Base Building is Enabled. If playing Human vs Human, Nukes will also target Human HQ player.
    23b: NUKE STRIKES Start Time:
  • When Nuke Strikes Start, as a Percentage of Hold Time. Default is 0.85, which is 85%.
    23c: Nuke Strike Frequency:
  • Delays the random time of repeating nuclear strikes, after the first strike has occurred.
    23d: Nukes Per Strike:
  • Increases the random amount of nukes fired from various events. Recommend 1-2 SMD per player per level selected. So on "Regular", players would need 3 to 4 SMD each.
    24: Nuclear Overwhelm:
    Causes huge nuclear strikes. Increases the number of nukes fired per every PAIR (2) of players for every X minutes of time after Waves start. You WILL eventually be overwhelmed.
  • Turns Endgame Artillery On/Off. Artillery type and spawn time can be set.
    25b: Endgame Artillery Spawn Time:
  • Sets how many minutes after Hold Time ends that Artillery spawns in.
    25c: EndGame Artillery Type:
  • Sets what kind of Artillery will spawn for the EndGame. The Guardian Artillery option included in the mod is a Mavor with the damage per second of a Duke.
    26a: Human ACU EcoBoost, 0 = Off:
  • Sets Mass and Energy produced by the Human Player ACUs. Starts up 20 seconds after game begins. Will override RAS, unless off. Allows mod to be played on maps with too few mexes. Script breaks if players drop while game is loading. Energy Production = 100 * Value, while Mass Production = Value.
    26b: Endgame EcoBoost, 0 = Off:
  • Sets Mass and Energy of Human ACU for Endgame. Activates before Endgame stage. Works even if Option 28a is Off.
    26c: Endgame EcoBoost Start Time:
  • Sets how many Minutes before end of Hold Time that Endgame EcoBoost Starts.
    26d: HQ Allies EcoBoost, 0 = Off
  • Provides an EcoBoost to all allies of HQ Player. Does not apply to HQ Player.
    27a: Wreck Removal
  • Sets how long before wrecks despawn.
    27b: Wreck Reclaim Rate
  • Sets how fast wrecks can be reclaimed.
    28: Max Hives Per Player:
  • Set the Max Number of Hives Per Player.
    29a: Paragon Punishment:
  • Starting a Paragon immediately triggers nukes, and then increases boss health and nukes per strike every X minutes. Setting to Off disables the script, including early nuke strikes.
    29b: Paragon Nuke:
  • Sets if starting a Paragon will immediately trigger nukes. Paragon Punishment option must be On. Offensive Nukes option must be on.
    30: Yolona+Artillery Response:
  • Sets if HQ will retaliate against Yolonas and T3/T4 Artillery. Yolonas Script spawns Guardian Artillery, Endgame Boss Units with huge health boosts, and a chance to spawn SMD. Artillery Response spawns Guardian Artillery. Both scripts repeat until threats are destroyed.
    31: Paragon On/Off:
  • Sets if Paragon is available at start of game, at midgame (70% of HoldTime), or completely disabled.
    32: Yolona On/Off:
  • Sets if Yolona is available at start of game, at midgame (70% of HoldTime), or completely disabled.
    33a: Spawn Secondary Objective:
  • Spawns secondary objectives between HQ and Human players. Destroying the buildings will cause Allies to spawn early and cause the HQ to power stall. Buildings spawn defensive structures every 4.5 mins until destroyed. Best to turn off on 5x5 maps.
    33b: HQ Player Power Stall
  • Sets how long the HQ will power stall if all Secondary Buildings are destroyed. Useful for disabling the shields and any weapons that need power.
    34a: Spawn Allied Reinforcements:
  • Spawns allied forces for player. Must destroy Secondary Objective or survive to end of Hold Time to spawn.
    34b: Allied Force Multiplier
  • Multiplies the number of Allies that spawn for the teams fighting the HQ. Allies are randomly distributed among players.
    35a: Land Crazy Mode:
  • Restrict Land Waves to only spawn a single Tech Level! Set to spawn only T1, T2, T3, Experimental, or Bosses.
    35b: Air Crazy Mode:
  • Restrict Air Waves to only spawn a single Tech Level! Set to spawn only T1, T2, T3, Experimental, or Bosses.
    35c: Navy Crazy Mode:
  • Restrict Navy Waves to only spawn a single Tech Level! Set to spawn only T1, T2, T3, or Experimental.

Since there are a ton of options and lots of ways to configure the mod, these are usually the base settings I use:

Playing with an Uveso-AI:
Continuous Waves
Delay between Waves: 2 or 2.25 mins
Hold Time: 30 mins
Units per Player (combined Land, Air, and Sea):
10 or less = Easy
11 to 15 = Moderate
16 to 20 = Hard
Experimental/Boss Frequency:
These settings have a huge impact on late game difficulty. I usually set Land around 60%, Air and Navy around 50%. Larger maps (20km) can have these set higher.

Another fun configure option is to supply small amounts of units to the AI and let them use the units as they please. Makes for much more agressive and unpredictable games versus AI.

Playing with the M27-AI:
AI Controlled Waves
Delay between Waves: 4 to 5 mins
Hold Until: 30 mins (HQ automatically becomes Paragon at end of Hold Time, giving AI player endless resources).
Units per Player: 5 to 10
Turn off endgame events, like artillery, nuke waves, and bosses. Also suggested to disable the HQ Guardian defenses in Unit Restrictions.


Really been enjoying this mod!

Our group has been having a blast attempting to outplay your waves. We're all programmers, so I was wondering if you would consider uploading to Github or similar so we can customise for our group and make enhancements based on our experiences?


Happy to hear you are enjoying the mod. It is actually a branch-off of the mod Swarm Survival (which is the parent mod).

I don't have a Github, but feel free to upload there if you want. I'm a pretty new programmer and wouldn't mind collaboration. I've slowed down development of the mod, though have a few things I am trying to get working for a later release. Do note, there is practically no commenting in the code. Took me a few weeks to unravel what every script did.

If you were to branch the mod in the future, you would have to re-name all the variables used in the options list. I didn't do this when I branched from Swarm Survival, and it would cause desyncs for anyone who had both mods AI Wave Survival and Swarm Survival installed. I've since fixed that issue.


this is truly beautiful; An absolutely wonderful accomplishment.

seeing this on the official faf github would be neat.


Added a new Wave Syle, Aggressive Air/Navy. Makes air waves especially difficult and teams need dedicated air players. Also, some new Wreck settings.


Newest updates focus on Verses Survival options.

  • Added ability to set exactly which player spawns with HQ. This allows for more diversification in teams, and correct counting of players. Multiple teams can now fight the HQ and each other!
  • Added new Wave Style meant for Human HQ Players. Human with AI Assist Script will send units to attack all enemy players on spawn, but is easily over-ridden.
  • A wave suicide option has been added, that kills waves after set time, forcing human players to use units or lose them.
  • Players can now set Defeat conditions! 'Assassinate All ACUs Defeat' is a special condition where the HQ Team must kill all enemy ACUs to win. Enemy ACUs may be on different teams, and no team will be eliminated until all ACUs are dead. The other three options, Assassinate/Supremacy/Annihilation, function the same as default Supreme Commander, but do not affect any players on the HQ Team.
  • HQ Defenses can now be set to Guardians, Vanilla, or Off. All Guardian units can spawn ON water; useful if setting HQ to a water spawn.
  • An EcoBoost option has been added for any players Allied with the HQ Player. Does not provide the bonus to the HQ Player.


  • HQ Building, Guardian buildings, and Guardian SML all now spawn on water. Makes setting HQ to a water spawn viable.
  • HQ will spawn HARMS if HQ Defenses are on and the HQ spawns on water.
  • Guardian Artillery has been slightly buffed and will also acquire targets faster. Can spawn on water.

Bug Fixes:

  • Naval Units will no longer spawn on land.
  • EcoBoost scripts will no longer break if players drop/die.
  • A rare occurrence, spawned units will no longer instantly die.
  • Guardian Artillery will no longer cause HQ power to crash when spawned.
  • Player Guardian Shields should no longer drop from friendly fire.
  • If setting HQ Player under 'Player Slot that Spawns HQ', all players are correctly counted. Using 'Random' option can result in miscounts, which will affect the behavior of some scripts.
  • Players allied with HQ will be destroyed if HQ is destroyed.

Since I had the scripts ready, I went ahead and added Defeat Options for Allied HQ Players. So now HQ Allies can be Assassinated or set so all HQ Allied ACU's must be destroyed to eliminate.


Reworked the Allied and Secondary Building scripts, so that they are actually useful to use.

Secondary Buildings will spawn appropriate defense, depending on where they spawn on the map. So if on water, they will spawn HARMS. Destroying the buildings will cause Allies to spawn early and cause the HQ to power stall, disabling shields and any weapons that need power until it recovers.

Allie script will now randomly spawn T4 units for all players fighting the HQ. The amount of allies that spawn can be set with a multiplier.


Newest Features:

  • Can now set a 2nd spawn point, under "Secondary Spawn Spot". An AI/Human must be assigned to the spot for it to work. The 2nd Spawn Player can also be set to suicide on start, if one doesn't want any base building, under "HQ/2ndSpawn Base Building On/Off".
  • 2nd Spawn is useful for splitting navy on maps with two ponds, cause waves to take more paths to attack players, and attack players from two fronts. Also can be set to be a tempting target that weakens the HQ. The 2nd Spawn Building is weaker than the HQ and has weaker defenses. Works with water spawns, will spawn on water.
  • 2nd Spawn has various settings. Host can enable what waves spawn and how large the waves are. For example, if Land Waves are 80 units a wave, and 2nd Spawn is set to spawn 50% Land Waves, it will spawn 40 units (roughly, it is random, so there is some variation between waves).
  • 2nd Spawn can also be set to suffer permanent wave losses if destroyed.

Example: Air Waves 80 Units. 2nd Spawn set to 50%, so both HQ and 2nd Spawn are spawning 40 unit waves. "Transfer Units to HQ Spawn" is set to 50%. When 2nd Spawn is destroyed, HQ will recovery half of 2nd Spawn's units and start spawning 60 unit waves.

  • Wave Multipliers for Land/Air/Navy. Waves can be set to grow larger as game progresses or grow smaller. One can set it so Waves start out huge and grow smaller as they tech up, or the opposite.


  • EndGame Air bosses have been buffed.
  • "HQ/2ndSpawn Base Building On/Off" option will now clear any engineers/factories built by ACU before it self-destructs, allowing players to enable build speed mods.

Felt Verses mode was missing something. Like the option to win the game without also needing to kill the HQ. So added an option where HQ and any HQ Allies will suicide once one team has eliminated all other teams. This means in Verses games, you can now ignore having to kill the HQ and instead focus on getting the HQ to kill your enemies for you.

Make sure NOT to have Verses on if playing just regular survival with two teams, the HQ Team and a Survivors Team, or the HQ will suicide on start of game.


Great mode, loving it so far !
You seem to work hard on it too, I get an update every few days
Is there a changelog available somewhere, or do you post everything here ? The mini CZARs were a nice surprise, spamming gunships made the game kinda unbalanced so it's not bad to be punished for that
I also feel that the AI behaved differently the last few games I played, like it sent way more nukes and T4 than usual (always using Uveso Easy because the waves alone are more than enough for me). It might be because of the map too, I don't know.

In any case, keep up the good work ! I'm hyped to see what comes next !


Thanks for the feedback! I actually haven't had a chance to play-test and balance the Mini-CZARS. Last game I hosted to do so, I DCed before they spawned. So am looking for feedback on their balance.

They are meant to be played with Air-Crash Damage on, as they don't have any ground attack weapons but have a devastating air crash (small area, but 20k damage air crash). The idea is, Air has two options when they spawn, pull back behind base ground AA and risk an air crash blowing up the front line, or engage the min-CZARs and risk heavy air losses. The min-CZARS have a layered attack, with the most powerful weapons having the shortest range. Currently, a Black-Ops UEF Flying Fortress can 1v1 a mini-CZAR and win with 1/3rd health remaining. Since one bad Air Crash can easily end a game, I do have some mods that adjust Air Crash damage to 25%, 50%, 75%, and 150%. I mean to add it as a built-in mod option at some point.

Nukes and T4 spawns are completely random. There was a bug that was reducing nuke wave sizes, but that has been fixed. Both Nuke Count and T4 spawn rates can be adjusted in the options. I'll probably adjust nukes to be more dynamic in the future. Sometimes, they player with the Paragon only gets a few nukes lobbed at em while some poor player with only 2 SMD gets hit with 20. If you really like nukes, turn on Nuclear Overwhelm, an alternative to dying from Artillery/EndGame Bosses 🙂

If you set Base Building Option to OFF, the AI ACU and any engineers/factories will suicide at start of game. This prevents the AI from building any units/structures (which mainly interfere with spawned units pathfinding) and also helps to speed up SIM speeds. This also can be set to apply to the 2nd Spawn Player, which will then suicide on spawn. Note, you don't need to use a 2nd spawn, that is optional, but allows for waves to spawn in from two points.

The Wave Style you choose also has a big impact on how the AI chooses targets. Note the "Human with AI Assist" also works with an AI HQ Player as well. Its original intention was to help Human Players by giving Spawned Units an initial attack order that a Human Player could easily over-ride and then redirect. But it also forces AI Players to attack with waves on spawn instead of hoarding; however the AI can also easily over-ride the orders and use the units as it sees fit. This script also does not interfere/give orders to any units built by Human/AI HQ Player.


I didn't notice crash damage from the mini CZARs, either the shields absorb all of it, or the area is so small it needs to land right on top of a building

The main threat they pose for defenders' bases is that they'll deplete shield generators quickly by trying to shoot down air units under them, so you need to be careful not to hide your air when your base is already threatened. An option to chose how many of them can spawn at a time, and how often, would be nice. As for the unit itself, it seems balanced to me as it does exactly what it's meant to do. I usually kill them with T4 turrets or T3 ground units, I haven't tried ASFs yet so I can't say, but 28k HP doesn't seem overwhelming.

I always disable nukes, except for the defensive ones (I like these) ; the ones I get are those built by the AI itself (they usually target roaming T4s though, not my base). I like the idea of having to defend against more and more nukes, but I'm not that good at survival maps in RTS in general so I prefer focusing on ground and air armies. As for T4, I think it's because most of the time they somehow get stuck in the HQ base, but recently the AI seems to remember how to send them. I don't think they're from the survival waves though, it's more likely the ones it builds once it gets enough eco.

I'm gonna try AI controled waves next, I'm curious to see how it'll behave !


The mini-CZAR crash bug has been fixed. They have also been toned down in DPS and should be vulnerable to ASF packs. They will also no longer rush into player's AA and will try to stay at maximum range.


Added an option to disable/adjust mini-CZARs spawn. Also nerfed them a bit. They won't spawn as frequent or in as big of waves. Weapon range reduced. Air crash damage greatly reduced, but damage area increased.


Yep, they seem to deal a whole lot of damage when they fall (I didn't notice the damage change today because the only one that fell on my base took down a few gens, thus making the splash damage bigger). At least now they can be reclaimed !
I have a problem with them just staying on top of my base when they don't get any more air units to kill, it makes avoiding the fall damage impossible 😞

I didn't notice the spawn option, I'll check it next game ! Thanks for the update !

By the way, do you think it would be possible to make units spawned from the second spawn point the same color as the player on its spot ? This way it'll really feel like we're dealing with two separate armies. Maybe even make it possible to restrict races for each spawn, so you can make one that spawns only UEF and the other Cybran, for instance !


@Rama FYI M28AI should be compatible with the mod but if you use it and come across any major issues let me know - I only tested on a couple of maps on the AI wave survival mod that was released a couple of weeks ago, and the games didn't go into the late game. For example I'm not sure how it would handle the mini-czars referred to above if they're weaponless.


Latest update, small nerf to Nomander's health, fixed Nomander graphics glitch, and a change to script so more Nomander's will not spawn if too many are still alive.


I did make some mods that reduce Air Crash Damage. There are 4 mods, which set Air Crash Damage to 25%, 50%, 75%, and 150% damage. I usually play with 50% Air Crash Damage mod on.

While your suggestion is possible, it would basically require completely duplicating the functions of the mod. The mod is already pretty resource intensive when playing with large waves. That and the options list to configure everything is already too large as is.

Ooh, I am going to have to test out your new AI! I've played the mod with M27, which I usually play with the attack scripts off and let your AI use the spawned units as it sees fit. The new Mini-Czars (named Nomanders) only have AA weapons, as they are meant to clear player Gunship spam. They also have a powerful aircrash to punish players that allow Nomanders to get over their base.