Hack - Player with Cheat

Enemy-Ga-kill spammed over 100 experimental assault bots within the first 11 min 10 sec of the game with 30,900 ME and 526,358 Power. Interesting but not cool for opposing players. I have played enough games to know that is not possible w/o using a cheat. Enemy-Ga-kill hosted the game.

Game id# 19101667 11 min 10 sec into game 01/26/2023.

I tried reporting this but it would not accept the player name nor the game id but both show up on the replay.

Cheats were enabled in the game by the host.
There is no offence to use this menu when it is enabled as it automatically unranks the game.

If you do find a player using an exploit and the report tool is not working pm a mod either in the client or on discord. The forums are not the correct place.