Volunteers wanted for the Russian translation of FAF's wiki

FAF's Wiki has duplicate pages for the English and Russian versions, with the general intent of covering the same content in both languages. However, a lot of the pages on the Russian version haven't been translated from English to Russian. So, it would be good to have some volunteers who could help translate English to Russian for the Russian version of the wiki. If you're competent in both English and Russian and want to help out, please say so in this thread. Thanks.

pfp credit to gieb

good afternoon . who to contact to become a volunteer

I'll help out. If you want me as a Russian speaker to manage the project I'm happy to do that as well.

@crypteck Replying here was sufficient. I'll direct message the details to you and Deribus. Thanks for volunteering.

Others are still welcome to volunteer (there's a lot to translate).

pfp credit to gieb