Co-op Operation Tha-Atha-Aez

The assist Zuth objective is asking an awful lot as he dies around the 16:00 mark.

All of the recordings of this mission are different from what is presently on FAF. I'm guessing it was changed because it was exploitable. There are no successful recordings after May 2022, and I'm guessing it's because Zuth dies too quickly.

The way the map was originally set up including a 15 minute uninterrupted build time to prepare for a large attack. Zuth would not show up until after this, so the player was prepared to assist him.

The map no longer includes the build time, and has Zuth pop up just after an early attack. So Zuth shows up about 10 minutes earlier (and immediately is getting pounded), while the player must rebuild their base and defend against T2 and soon T3 attacks from multiple axes.

If this is a "learn-to-play" issue, I can accept that, but I'd like to see a recording so I can see how my multiple strategies were flawed.

@joydivision Hey, you can join the official FAF discord, where they'll point you to the Co-op development discord. There, you can download the latest version of this mission, which in particular made the Zuth position much better defended.