How to save a co-op campaign game?

I've read about 6 topics on this question and this one

allowed me to launch the FAF client in offline mode and through Skirmish start a campaign game (odd, but the thread assures that's how its done). It for sure worked as I played for 20 minutes.

I then saved the game, went to make dinner. Came back and tried to load it (through the campaign menu, that's the only place where the game was listed, the thread assures that's normal too), the game crashed while in the loading screen.

Started a different campaign game. Same thing.

So, not that map or particular game.

What I am wondering is if the save file is going to the correct place? I cant seem to find where the games are saved in any of the FAF folders. Is it going somewhere it should not (such as the original Forged Alliance regular game folder)?

It could be that we broke it* with the previous developers iteration. I'll investigate and make sure it works, but I can't give an ETA on that for you.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Ok, appreciate the heads up!

I'm experiencing the exact same thing. Cant load any save, the game will crash to desktop with an error report form

@JoyDivision I've tried to reproduce the problem but it seems to be working at the moment. Could you or @pendex confirm this?

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Hey, I can confirm the problem. The game Crashes to Desktop when loading a coop campaign savegame.

I followed the guide, created the shortcut with the /init init_coop.lua prefix, successfully started the coop campaign game as Skirmish, saved and tried to load via Campaign menu again (tried with Artifact mission).

So the problem still occurs unfortunately. Would be awesome if it could be fixed.

Btw.: has their ever been attempts or ideas to introduce saving/loading online matches? Normally I would think implementing something like that woul be impossible, but seeing what you managed to already do with the game makes me wonder.

Confirmed, still broken. I don't even need co-op to save, I would just like to be able to pick-up where I leave off with a long skirmish game against the AI (e.g. same functionality we had with vanilla) but with FAF changes. Not everyone has time for a complete sit for a full game.

You can save - you have to copy all the folders and files into the normal supreme commander folders (steam/steamapp/common/Supreme Commander Forged Alliance). I just did it and it seems to work. Create a new folder and call it whatever u want (ie. FAF). Then copy the ProgramData/FAForever folders and files into the new FAF folder. Then launch ForgedAlliance.exe from the new FAF/bin folder.
If I could post screenshots, it would be easier, but not sure if u can in this forum.

Oh well, tried it again and this time it did not work.