Freeze on 'Launch Game'

Was playing this morning with no issues.
Left game on whilst had a nap.
Session expired, logged back in.
Now when I click 'launch game' it freezes and I have to ALT + CTRL + DEL > [change user] to get my computer back.
Tried six times with three different maps, identical results.
FAF 2022.12.0

EDIT: Came back after 8 hours and tried again: no problems. So, don't know what the issue was, don't know what resolved it.

EDIT: Two days later, it's doing it again.

So good to see that this got zero responses.
Five months later, FAF is still doing this.

Launching game freezes computer.
I have been having this problem for months and have posted previously but got no response.

I log in, select a map, create game, change some options, launch game.
Screen freezes at that, whole computer is hijacked, can use ALT + TAB but screen goes back to frozen FAF, only thing that I can do is CTRL + ALT + DEL and change user to kill FAF.

There are no error messages, just a frozen screen/PC.

It's a volunteer organization - you get what you pay for.

are u playing windowed mode or fullscreen? SC doesnt like the latter and is known to cause issues when u ALt-tab.
technical support channel on FAF discord is usually the better place to ask if u got issues.

There is nothing to work with, you need at least attach a log and tell some basic information about your PC.