TMM failure to connect

Past few days I'm constantly getting timed out in TMM for failing to connect. Every time, it goes from 7/8 connected, to 3/8 connected, then it gets stuck, then I get timed out. I always get timed out 3 times in a row now so I have to wait 30 minutes to re-queue any more TMM, 2v2, or even ladder.

Up until a few days ago I never had this issue once. Now, I always have this issue. I have no problem joining and playing in any other custom lobby, 1v1 ladder or 2v2 ladder, only TMM.

Any suggestions?

There could be a number of reasons for this issue, and it might be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause without more information about your network environment. Here are a few low hanging fruit potential causes and suggestions for troubleshooting:

  • You can try restarting your router to see if this resolves the issue.

  • Your firewall or security software could be blocking the connections to other people. You may want to try temporarily disabling these programs to see if this resolves the issue.