Weekly Discussion #19 - T1 tanks

@gabrilend said in Weekly Discussion #19 - T1 tanks:

They're dirt cheap so who cares when they die

But a flare is 78% of the cost of an aurora with 74% of the hp.


Yes but you can build them twice as fast and they deal 2/3rd as much damage. So especially when you're going against strikers, with their slow-as-heck fire rate often it's better to have two guns pointed at the enemy than one.

yeah thomas get lectured buddy

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@bulliednoob I literally never see anyone else doing that so it's probably just a noob trap that I fell for lol don't listen to me xD

The aurora is the single reason why I feel like my Aeon rating is 300 points lower than all other factions.

It can't raid, can't defend against raids on even slightly open maps, and commits suicide the moment a bomber shows up.
This disadvantage in the t1 stage snowballs into less mapcontrol, less mexes, and eventually weaker at all following tech stages.

I feel like particulary aeon vs cybran on something like a 15x15 land map is an impossible task.

I hate the aurora.

We could make Flares a bit more like Mantises.

I treat Aeon as substantially different in terms of army composition to UEF and Cybran. Both of them their medium tank is the star of the show, while with Aeon it's a little more mixed. Aeon has a problem with durability, so I throw in Flares to soak up some of the shots fired - this doesn't work as well against Cybran who have rapid fire laser guns on their mantises. Basically trying to get as much of the enemy's dps wasted on overkill as possible, while also dealing a ton of damage of your own. The Auroras are like archers, they're weak but they can hit from far away - the flares are like daggers. Maybe a little dull daggers, because of the shape of their projectile LOL

I always found the Flare to be interesting. It's pretty beefy for a LAB, nice burst for ghetto gunships, but a full Aurora isn't that much more expensive.

Mixing flares and auroras defeats the strength of either unit. It’s not a good idea for the same reason mixing mongoose and pillar is not a good idea, to properly make use of the units in a mix you’re basically required to spend 90% of your apm on your army and then while you might get slightly efficient trades your macro is so awful that you’re behind in twice the units.

Yeah that tends to happen to me, I figured it was the Aeon curse